Crypto Summer Heats Up with Meme Tokens and Promising ICOs


As July ushers in, the cryptosphere brims with anticipation, buzzing with eager investors ready to dive headfirst into a thriving market. Major tokens are edging upwards, and a palpable sense of excitement surrounds meme tokens along with a rising optimism, that this blazing summer may, at last, thaw the frosty memories of the chilling crypto-winter of 2022.

This burgeoning bullish atmosphere has stirred a wave of tantalizing crypto presales and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), many showcasing the potential to rocket to greater heights over the course of this month. Among a plethora of launches, six new tokens appear worth a closer look and investment today.

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One innovative endeavor riding the surging crypto tide is ‘Pepe Unchained.’ This new blockchain project, tethered to the Ethereum Layer-2, is a meme coin tapping into the everlasting allure surrounding the Pepe meme. But what makes it distinctive is it’s positioning itself as more of a hub for meme coin development than either Ethereum or Solana.

Pepe Unchained’s network, built over Ethereum’s infrastructure, boasts transaction speeds a hundred times quicker and significantly cheaper, while assuring users of Ethereum’s established security model. The project is garnering attention and, with over $1.75 million worth of coins snapped up in the initial ten days of its presale, there’s an air of ecstatic anticipation surrounding its $PEPU token. Also, a limited presale offer lets early investors stake their $PEPU to earn an impressive 1,105% annual percentage yield.

Coming hot on Pepe Unchained’s heels is ‘WienerAI,’ another meme coin quickly progressing through its ICO. Scoring rave reviews from traders and analysts alike, the project has successfully sold nearly $7 million worth of $WAI tokens already, making it potentially one of the most significant crypto presales of this year.

WienerAI’s appeal lies not just in its viral-worthy FX dachshund-centric mascot, but also in its plans to build an AI-powered crypto trading bot to aid users in profit maximization. The bot is showcased to be beginner-friendly and proficient at scouting out lucrative crypto opportunities well before the herd can capitalize on them.

The allure doesn’t end there. ‘PlayDoge,’ the new play-to-earn crypto game, is primed to revolutionize the gaming and token industry. Blending the heady nostalgia of the 1990s’ Tamagotchi with the hit doge meme, PlayDoge offers the chance to nurture a virtual pet and earn $PLAY tokens while at it. These tokens can be further utilized for upgrades, introducing a novel element within the gaming arena.

Not too far behind is ‘Base Dawgz,’ the newest meme coin on the Base platform aiming to outperform $BRETT to become the biggest token on Base. With a multi-chain presale, early investors can acquire $DAWGZ using $BASE, $ETH, $SOL, $AVAX, and $BNB, broadening the horizons for potential investors.

‘Mega Dice’ is a known crypto casino and sportsbook platform making waves with its new $DICE token. Offering investors a slice of daily gambling revenues, this token could be a definite hit for those betting on the future of crypto gaming.

The final token that deserves mention is ’99Bitcoins,’ attached to a popular crypto education platform. Users can now earn while they learn, with $99BTC tokens awarded for every completed lesson, adding an enticing incentive to enhance learning about the crypto market.

As seen, the upcoming tokens cater to a range of interests and potential investors. Whether it’s gaming, trading, or learning, they offer everyone an opportunity to dive into cryptocurrency in an exciting and engaging manner.