Crypto Market Poised for Surge, Hints at 350% Growth, Says Glassnode Co-Founders


There’s a palpable sense of optimism storming through the crypto market, heralded by the official X (formerly Twitter) account of Glassnode’s co-founders, Negentropic. In a confidently bullish stance, the cryptocurrency data analysts predict a substantial surge in market growth that will surpass recent fluctuations in the global crypto arena.

Their insightful analysis shines the spotlight away from the top ten cryptocurrencies, including the eminent Bitcoin and Ethereum, and onto the bustling activity amongst the remaining players in the field, affectionately referred to as “OTHERS”. Signs are pointing towards a strong uptrend, signaling the potential for elevated growth and a healthier market condition, despite recent volatility and uncertainty ushered in by the Bitcoin Halving event last April. This event, marked by a reduction in miners’ block subsidy rewards from 6.25 to 3.125 BTC, has significantly reshuffled the dynamic landscape of the crypto world.

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Drawing parallels between current market conditions and the ‘strong correction’ observed in early 2021 – a period identified as the ‘wave 4’ in the crypto market’s incessant ebb and flow – the Glassnode’s co-founders predict a similarly robust rebound. Their astute predictions, borne out of the analysis of the index and Fibonacci levels, offer a tantalizing glimpse of the possibility of a stupendous 350% increase from current market levels. This bullish projection embodies their confidence in the market’s vast potential to expand, defying recent downturns.

Despite a pronounced decline observed over the last week, the global crypto market is rebounding with a veritable resolve. Fueled by significant gains in the values of market behemoths Bitcoin and Ethereum – showing increases of 2.7% and 1.7% respectively – the crypto market has registered a 3% increase in the past 24 hours. Yet, it isn’t all smooth sailing.

Bitcoin, the pioneering cryptocurrency, has recently been subjected to criticism from high-profile figures like Peter Schiff. Schiff lambasted Bitcoin for its high transaction fees and long processing times, even going as far to label the currency as a ‘failure’ in terms of its role as a digital currency. However, in light of Bitcoin’s average transaction fee significantly decreasing to $34.86 on April 21, this assertion may be a bit premature.

In parallel to Schiff’s critique, Charles Edwards, founder of the Capriole Investment fund, has offered three potential outcomes for Bitcoin post-Halving. These scenarios range from a steep increase in Bitcoin’s price to a potential 15% shutdown of operations by miners, or persistently high transaction fees. Realistically, a combination of these scenarios is expected, which will ultimately catapult Bitcoin’s market price significantly beyond its current levels.

As it stands, the path forward for the crypto market will be dictated by a gamut of factors where seasoned and savvy investors, like the co-founders of Glassnode, will remain vigilant. The future, though unpredictable, hints at more upside potential, making for an exciting time in the evolution of our digital economy.