Crypto Market Braces for Potential Surge in Render Network’s Value


There’s a pulsating sense of anticipation vibrating through the crypto market, targeted at Render (RNDR). This cloud-based rendering network has many technical indicators hinting at an unprecedented price surge in the coming weeks or months.

RNDR successfully dislodged itself from the Dragon Pattern—a bullish technical norm, historically observed as the supply line. This breakthrough usually symbolises a prospective momentum swing that could potentially drive the prices to tilt upwards.

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Adding to the growing buzz, finance analysts have noted the ascension of Three Rising Valleys on RNDR’s chart. This particular pattern is generally indicative of the market bottoming out, suggesting an impending reversal from past downward trajectories.

Supplementing these observations is a bullish divergence on the four-hour chart, symbolising a slackening selling pressure. Put in layman terms, the struggle among sellers to push the prices down has yielded minimal results. They are currently unable to break past earlier lows.

DoJi, a highly-regarded crypto analyst, factors in these technical indicators to predict an imminent price surge. According to his study, based on the Three Rising Valleys, he foresees the RNDR price hovering around $13. But DoJi doesn’t stop there – he even considers the possibility of a price explosion beyond $20, assuming historical price patterns echo themselves.

As per DoJi, if RNDR can surpass the crucial resistance mark of $9.20, it could serve as the accelerant charging this bullish momentum.

In the past six months, the value of RNDR has skyrocketed, demonstrating a staggering growth of 250%. The wild rollercoaster trajectory of impulsive and corrective moves in price fluctuation points to a robust, if somewhat inconsistent market.

Predicting the future price trajectory for RNDR offers a heady mix of the potentially-cautious and the overly-optimistic scenarios. There’s expected resistance at $10.90 and a larger obstacle looming at $13.30. If the price deflates, $6.18 or the $3.79 mark could serve as safety nets. Despite the volatility, the adoption rate of the RNDR network and overarching market trends could influence price fluctuations, with long-term indicators such as the 100-day average hinting at possible stabilization around $8.92.

Insider Crypto, another renowned analyst, also holds an optimistic forecast for RNDR. He has identified a bullish Inverse Head and Shoulders Pattern on RNDR’s chart, traditionally the precursor to a price hike. Basing his projections on this pattern, Insider Crypto has predicted a price range of $14-$16 for RNDR.

The collaborative optimism exhibited by DoJi and Insider Crypto reflects the wider market sentiment of excitement for RNDR. While the token has witnessed a minor price dip recently, numerous analysts remain keen-eyed on its performance, eagerly awaiting the predicted upswing.