Crypto Influencer Leshka.eth Reveals Post-Bitcoin Halving Altcoin Winners


In the throes of expectant anticipation, the community readies itself for the long-awaited fourth Bitcoin halving, slated for the 19th of April, 2024. Hints of excitement permeate the conversations around Bitcoin-based initiatives, attempts to capture the fleeting waves of the digital gold rush. Amidst this buzz is Leshka.eth, a crypto influencer who has garnered a sizable following: a crowd of over 128,500 on platform X, once known as Twitter. With his digital lens honed on the Bitcoin financial landscape (BTCfi), Leshka.eth has earmarked a distinctive roster of altcoins slated to soar post-halving.

These strategic picks were revealed to Leshka.eth’s vast array of followers on X. The influencer remarked about the trajectory of several projects nestled within the ecosystem of BTCfi, stating, “The countdown to BTC halving culminates in 2 days. Regret missing the 1,000x boon on BRC20 and Ordinals? The 800x surge on STAMP that eluded you? My watchlist of BTCfi altcoins, poised for liftoff post-halving, might just be your redemption”.

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Here is an analytical distillation of the altcoins Leshka.eth deems noteworthy winners in the aftermath of the upcoming Bitcoin halving:

Hulvin (HULVIN) springs to the fore as the premiere halving-themed memecoin. Its battle cry, “Make Halving Great Again,” vibrates the promise of potential. When Hulvin was a humble venture with a market cap of $9 million, Leshka.eth gave it a mention, forecasting its rise. That prediction has come to fruition; Hulvin’s market cap now surpasses $30 million.

Meticulously crafted to streamline cross-blockchain transactions, Map Protocol (MAP), empowers users with light clients and zero-knowledge (ZK) proofs. Leshka.eth regards it as a pivotal cog in the blockchain ecosystem, as it fosters secure, peer-to-peer interactions without the need for trusted middlemen.

Then there’s Stacks (STX), a layer cleverly constructed atop the Bitcoin blockchain, offering smart contracts, decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized applications (dApps). Considering its substantial market cap of $4.04 billion, Stacks constitutes a significant fragment of the BTCfi landscape.

Mintlayer (ML), a precious component of the Bitcoin network, provides a Layer 2 solution incorporating DeFi, atomic swaps, and dApps. Its innovative approach extends Bitcoin’s utility sans an entirely separate blockchain.

Bedecked in technological prowess, SatoshiSync (SSNC), in alliance with LayerZero and Chainlink, offers a user-friendly toolkit that eases transactions across Bitcoin’s L1 and L2 layers.

As a burgeoning Layer 2 solution, Bitcoin Virtual Machine (BVM) enables users to charter their own L2 networks, increasing the value of BVM tokens.

Naka Chain (NAKA) is a cost-effective, high-velocity Layer 2 blockchain tailored for Bitcoin-based DeFi ventures. Naka Chain allows developers to shift decentralized apps from Ethereum to Bitcoin with minimal tinkering.

Elastos (ELA), with its avant-garde vision of reinventing the internet, aims to build a robust infrastructure for a decentralized network to rectify scalability issues found in Ethereum and other dApp platforms.

Bringing together an array of technologies, MVC (SPACE), a public blockchain, offers unparalleled performance, minimal fees, and high decentralization.

Touted as an extraordinary Layer 2 solution, the rising star, Photon exploits Bitcoin’s Layer 1 security to bolster scalable decentralized applications.

Worthy of an honorable mention, BounceBit is a Bitcoin staking chain, enabling users to reap lucrative yields on their idle Bitcoin, with an emphasis on active participation and utilization of Bitcoin for staking purposes.

Of these ventures, Stacks (STX) presented as the most exceptional. Even though it slid 40% from its all-time peak reached on the 1st of April, it was trading at $2.29 at the time of reporting.