Crypto Experts Predict Fantom’s Potential Surge to a High of $1.2


Renowned crypto analyst, Altcoin Sherpa spins a bullish tale for Fantom (FTM), intimating that a significant rally on the high side of the crypto token market might be brewing. He ventures further to give a sneak peek into the possible trajectory that Fantom could take when this surge manifests.

Chart projections shared by Altcoin Sherpa indicate Fantom’s capability to peak to an impressive high of $1.2 in the subsequent part of its course. A keen observation from the analyst reveals that the crypto token is presently establishing its footing at a primary level. He envisages a chop range formation for Fantom, locked between $0.50 and $0.70 for an interim period. This range could potentially provide the much-needed springboard when it surges upward.

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Altcoin Sherpa expresses open optimism for Fantom’s future trajectory, proclaiming his belief that FTM will maintain its solidity as a worthy project. This buoyancy is fuelled, in part, by Fantom’s transition to Sonic, enhanced by the Fantom Foundation’s May disclosure about Sonic — an innovative layer-1 blockchain anchored by a layer-2 network that interfaces with Ethereum.

On a similar wavelength, crypto analyst Bitcoin Ape also foresees an upward flight for Fantom, harmonizing with Altcoin Sherpa’s predictions about the token’s rise to $1.2. His anticipation hinges on a future market recovery ignited by Bitcoin. Elucidating his stance, Bitcoin Ape points at the falling wedge pattern etched on Fantom’s chart, alluding that a price rally might be around the corner.

The analyst also underscores Fantom’s shift to Sonic as a stimulus for the crypto token’s future rise. Drawing attention to Fantom’s recent overhauling movements, including the advent of Sonic Labs and an impressive over $100 million airdrop of $S, Sonic’s native token, he believes these updates could lure developers and users into Fantom’s environment.

However, Bitcoin Ape anticipates a spike in Fantom’s volatility, correlating to its sold-out state. He believes that completion of this sell-out phase will act as a trigger for the token’s upward breakout.

Contrarily, Crypto analyst Ijaz Awan predicts a temporary slip for Fantom to approximately $0.45 before it continues its upward momentum. His prediction is based on the current sluggishness of Bitcoin, which seems to pull down other altcoins including FTM.

This factor causing a hampered momentum for Fantom could lead to its consolidation phase between $0.45 and $0.55 before it propels for a rise. He advises caution, however, suggesting that a plunge beneath this band could compromise the structural stability of Fantom and precipitate a steeper fall in its price.

As per the latest data from CoinMarketCap, Fantom is hovering around $0.54 with a 3% slide in the last 24 hours.

In its current state, with the FTM price nestling comfortably above $0.5 on the chart, the winds seem favorable for Fantom’s embarking on the upward course prophesied by the enthusiastic analysts.