Crypto Expert Predicts Bitcoin’s Ascent to $4.5 Million by 2028


Renowned cryptocurrency expert, Quinten François, recently delivered a profoundly optimistic analysis for Bitcoin’s future path. François envisages a fascinating ascent for this leading digital currency, projecting its value could escalate as high as $4.5 million. He suggests that the spark has yet to ignite for Bitcoin, and the momentous movement is on the cusp of commencement.

François brought attention to the pivotal role of Bitcoin’s fourth halving in his analysis. This crucial event, he believes, is the ignition to the metaphorical “fireworks” anticipated for Bitcoin. He carefully noted that the flagship cryptocurrency currently stagnates at the growth pattern’s lowest bound, yet expressed that similar growth velocity from previous market cycles could push the currency into an upward spiral post this halving.

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In François’s prediction, assuming a replication of the growth pattern from the fourth halving, Bitcoin’s value could range anywhere between $140,000 and an overwhelming $4.5 million. He cites the price at the bottom of the range – a substantial $63,000 – as the starting point for this prophesied ascent, thus intimating that Bitcoin’s ascension is on the brink of explosion.

Quinten Francios, however, clarified that the dreamy figure of $4.5 million isn’t likely to be realized within the current bull run visible from the chart he provided. Mirroring the trajectory post the first halving, Bitcoin could, in his view, hit approximately $1 million. A rather more elaborate projection suggests Bitcoin could reach the lofty mark of $4.5 million by 2028 considering it continues to trace the price action succeeding the inaugural halving.

While speculating on the fourth halving’s possible alignment with the second and third, François infers a less impressive price movement. As per his estimates, reflecting the cycle following the second or third halving, Bitcoin could realize a value of $400,000 and $280,000, respectively. Going further with this trajectory, by 2028, Bitcoin could potentially elevate to around $1 million or $800,000.

Other cryptocurrency experts align with François’s optimistic outlook, predicting Bitcoin’s soaring trend to resume shortly. Crypto analyst Ali Martinez drew attention to the resurgence of retail investors in the Bitcoin sphere. With the number of new Bitcoin addresses reaching a four-month high of 432,026, the flagship crypto’s price discovery could be stimulated, thereby catalyzing a rally as these investors accumulate Bitcoin.

An affirmative stance was mirrored by crypto analyst Mikybull Crypto, who proposed Bitcoin’s value is primed for escalation. He noted the completion of the digital currency’s inverse head-and-shoulder pattern on the day marker while also pointing out the Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD) indicator’s suggestion of an approaching bullish cross, spelling promise for Bitcoin. He additionally stated that Bitcoin’s CME gap had been filled – a sentiment shared by crypto expert Michael van de Poppe, who had earlier opined on a prospective Bitcoin bounce upon the gap’s closure.

As of the latest data, Bitcoin is trading at approximately $60,600, having experienced a slight dip of just over 3% in the past 24 hours based on data collected from CoinMarketCap.