Crypto Chaos: Caitlyn Jenner’s JENNER Token Soars Despite Hacking Scandal


A weekend marred by suspicious activity plunged the digital sphere into chaos as unusual postings and promotions of memecoins appeared on several X accounts. High-profile personalities from the crypto circuit and beyond found themselves embroiled in what was suspected to be a wide-ranging hack. Olympian and reality TV sensation Caitlyn Jenner was among those caught in the fray, with the tumultuous debut of her JENNER token attracting both back exit scam rumors and hacking allegations.

Such digital disturbances failed to hamper the token’s progress, however, as, against the odds, the JENNER token, classified as a memecoin, soared in value by a staggering 50,000% since its initial release.

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The events unfolded on a fateful Sunday, when an array of dubious posts began to pepper different X accounts. The first alarm bells rang when crypto trader GCR’s account fell victim to unauthorized use. A brace of posts pushing token promotions gave the game away, and the crypto community quickly deduced the unsanctioned nature of the activity.

Later that afternoon, the intrigue deepened. Rapper Rich the Kid and Olympic star Caitlyn Jenner posted links to The links promoted two separate memecoins – RICH and JENNER. Jenner bolstered her post with a tie to political intrigue, including a photo with former U.S. President Donald Trump and the iconic slogan “Make America Great Again”.

Speculation of further security breaches ran rife within the community, yet Jenner stood firm on her claim that the token was legitimate, even going as far as to promote it across her X and Instagram accounts. Jenner’s manager, Sophia Hutchins, further fanned the flame of authenticity by releasing a video asserting the legitimacy of the posts and the token. Despite the safeguards, the community held their reservations – the proliferation of deepfake videos among scammers being a chief concern.

Scrutiny intensified as the illustrious token launched. Secrecy shrouded the operation, with revelations of shadowy behavior churning the waters of uncertainty. Analysis by key community member CryptoRoxo implicated TV star Jenner’s team in being duped by a character named Sahil Arora. Arora, dubbed the “middleman”, allegedly played a key role in launching the memecoins, supposedly exploiting Jenner’s team’s lack of crypto knowledge to his advantage, incorporating celebrity and influencer teams into his machinations. The result – a substantial token dump from the deployer wallet.

Caught in the crosshairs of the accusations, Rich The Kid subsequently deleted all posts related to the token, simultaneously voicing his condemnation of Arora and Caitlyn Jenner for alleged fraudulent activity. Today, he is working on the launch of his own unrelated token.

The drama surrounding the JENNER token continued to escalate, with the token reaching a $2 million market cap in spite of the mounting suspicions. Following Arora’s mass sell-off, doubts surrounding the venture increased, yet Hutchins’ video managed to inflate the market cap to $8 million. After briefly dipping following deepfake allegations, the market cap rebounded past $20 million due to Hutchins addressing the rumors in an X Space.

Many in the community expressed disbelief regarding Jenner’s involvement in an alleged pump-and-dump scam. One member commented, “I refuse Caitlin is dumb enough to think the few thousand dollars she made off this is worth the millions in fines/jail time.”

Despite the controversy, the Olympian continues promoting her token, which will make its appearance on the crypto exchange MEXC this coming Monday. At this moment, JENNER’s market cap stands at $26.79 million, with a daily trading volume of $191.8 million. The memecoin, after soaring by 51,000% from $0.00006 to $0.0392 in the past 17 hours, shows no sign of slowing.