Crypto Bull Run Forecast: $70K Bitcoin in 2024 Halving Year


Amidst the dynamic whispers of the market, a surge of anticipation for a Bitcoin bull run in 2024 vibrates through the investing community, with accumulating evidence suggesting an inevitable upswing. The industry’s eager attention turns towards two momentous catalysts: the promising regulatory advancement with the approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs, coupled with the quintessential BTC halving event, a pivotal rendezvous on Bitcoin’s temporal timeline.

Renowned crypto analyst James van Straten offers insights via social sharing platform X, delineating the bullish nature of the impending Bitcoin halving. Occurring every four years, this event programmatically halves the reward for mining a Bitcoin block, precipitating a notable decrease in the release of new coins into the economy. The next halving will cut the miner’s reward from the current 6.25 BTC to a mere 3.125 BTC.

Van Straten sheds light on the significance, noting that the monthly accumulation of Bitcoin by miners and exchanges presently stands at an impressive 61,000 BTC. Post-halving, he posits, this figure will plummet to just 13,500 BTC. Should demand remain robust, supply constraints could amplify by a factor of four, obliging the market to seek higher ground—a new equilibrium where price ascends to reconcile with the hunger for Bitcoin.

The calculus of supply and demand suggests an elementary outcome: a market adjustment potentially nudging prices northwards. The sentiment is further buoyed by historical patterns and political cycles—the United States presidential elections. Research by Markus Thielen, a sage in the financial realm, aligns halving years with these elections, and retrospectively, each confluence has painted the year-end Bitcoin price with bullish strokes.

The pattern is unmistakable: a 152% rally in 2012, a 121% upsurge in 2016, and a massive 302% ascent in 2020. With 2024 poised as yet another intersection of Bitcoin’s halving and America’s presidential spectacle, Thielen forecasts a price target of $70,000 for Bitcoin by year’s end. This points to a potential 65% increase from current valuations and—if the past is any prelude—the dawn of another exuberant bull market.

In the tapestry of the financial world, the factors converge: macroeconomic winds, monetary inducements, cyclical political theater, and the burgeoning endorsement by traditional finance investors leaning towards Bitcoin ETFs. In the matrix of possibility, a rally to such heights is not just narrative but draws from the well of plausible reality—all these things threading together to weave the projection of Bitcoin’s ascent to $70,000.


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