Crypto Boom: Pepe Unchained, Kaspa Surge In July As Meme Coins Promise Rich Returns


July seems to be brewing into a promising investment month for the crypto market, bursting with unfolding news of upcoming Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs), a halt in Bitcoin selling by miners, and a deluge of macroeconomic data. This could make way for favorable conditions to expand your portfolio with altcoin ventures.

Pepe Unchained, the latest avatar of the famed “Pepe bloodline,” is more than just a standard imitation. It holds its name high as the first Pepe-themed project boasting its own Ethereum layer 2 blockchain. This development signifies a project speed that is 100x faster and significantly cheaper than the Ethereum main network. As a bonus, it embraces Ethereum’s decentralization and security while employing meme culture as the core of its operations. An attractive prospect for both meme coin enthusiasts and developers.

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In addition to its innovative design, the project allures investors with sizable staking rewards. At the moment, they stand at a 1,029% annual percentage yield, subject to decrease as the staking pool expands. The Pepe Unchained presale price is currently at $0.0081939, scheduled to rise again within the day. Those hoping to add $PEPU to their investments should move swiftly.

Building on the success story of altcoins, Kaspa has held a formidable performance for this month thanks to its new KRC20 beta network commencement. The KRC20 is Kaspa’s revolutionary smart contract functionality that permits developers to construct applications and introduce tokens on the Kaspa network. The network’s BlockDAG technology has ushered in speed, security, and scalability to an extent other networks have failed to reach, stirring significant interest in the market.

Kaspa’s price now mirrors this positive market sentiment, trading at a staggering 630% premium compared to last year. Today, KAS stands at $0.1822 with a rising streak of 1.3%, 18% this week, and 31% this month. It currently occupies the 24th spot in the list of most valuable cryptocurrencies with a hefty $4.3 billion market cap.

Ondo might be another beneficial addition to your July cryptocurrency portfolio, as it is the most significant token centered on real-world assets, projecting growth as this sector progresses.

Among the project’s novel offerings are a revenue-generating stablecoin and tokenized short-term US treasuries. Since its inception in early 2024, its price has seen an upward trajectory of over 600%, and the growing developments in the RWA sector suggest that this bullish trend could persist. Despite a slight dip today and in this week, Ondo holds a respectably large $1.6 billion market cap, a testament to its potential.

Stay tuned for PlayDoge, the brand-new Play-to-Earn (P2E) meme coin, inspired by the popular 1990s hit game, Tamagotchi. Its incentives-based gaming model and appealing meme coin status have made it a crowd favorite among cryptomaniacs.

PlayDoge players are rewarded with XP and $PLAY rewards in exchange for taking care of their own 8-bit pet doge while keeping it joyful and nourished. The prospect of partaking in this innovative project is currently open with a presale price of $0.00514 for PlayDoge, but this is set to rise soon.

Pepe, the trailblazer of the 2024 meme coin season, stormed the market in 2023 and quickly reached a market cap of $1.8 billion. The token continues to show remarkable resilience, outpacing contemporary meme coins with a 24-hour trading volume of $439 million, suggesting a vast market interest. Ironically, despite this success, Coinbase has yet to list it. However, when that does happen, the trading volume could shoot up gifting its price a possible boost.

Finally, the meme coin Brett could be another primary player in the imminent rally. Brett functions on Coinbase’s native decentralized blockchain, Base, and is the largest meme coin on the platform. Unlike Ethereum, Solana, and BSC, Base doesn’t own a native coin offering plenty of growth and speculation space for Brett. With Coinbase’s Smart Wallet coming into play, Brett’s value has escalated, trading at $0.1654 and holding a solid market cap of $1.6 billion.