Crypto Analysts Foresee Potential XRP Surge, Predict $10-$20 Range by 2026


XRP, the digital currency affiliated with Ripple, has been ensnared in a lengthy period of price stability over the past seven years, maintaining a trading range between $0.300 and $0.600. Bucking the trend momentarily during the bullish wave of 2021, XRP touched a three-year zenith of $1.9 in April, before falling back into its familiar range, unable to gather enough kinetic energy to break the sturdy resistance levels.

However, the winds of change might be blowing for XRP, as several cryptocurrency aficionados are forecasting a significant uptrend for the digital token in the forthcoming months, potentially boosting it to unexplored heights.

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One such forceful prediction comes from a technical analyst identifying under the pseudonym “U-COPY”, who, using the cyber stage of social media platform X – christened Twitter in an era gone by – anticipates significant movement in XRP between mid-May and August. U-COPY highlights the steady incline of XRP from its former trough of $0.46 and notes that it stands at the precipice of a lengthy triangle formation, a progressive accumulation that began three years ago in 2018.

The masked analyst foresees the true strength of XRP unveiling itself in the fully-shaped bull cycle, potentially catapulting the token to considerable growth by the time the calendar flips into the next year.

Buttressing this sanguine projection, another analyst, Armando Pantoja, postulates that the cryptocurrency bull run could ignite as late as September or October 2025, with XRP possibly soaring to an impressive $0.75 checkpoint. Pantoja extends his speculation to reveal that upon the victorious return of former US President Trump and a potential slackened grip of the Securities and Exchange Commission on cryptocurrencies, XRP could be catapulted to loftier heights.

This possible alteration in regulatory dexterity, dovetailed with the legal tug-of-war between Ripple and the SEC, might heighten the chances of XRP being stamped with approval for an exchange-traded fund – an accolade akin to Bitcoin. Pantoja sketches a price spectrum of $1-2 for XRP upon announcement of an ETF accolade in the early marches of 2025. If interest rates are slashed numerous times concurrently, XRP could scale the heights of $5-10. His crystal ball eventually gleans the prospective peak of XRP within the $10-$20 range by the close of 2025 or the dawn of the following year.

Market intelligence platform Santiment has recently reported a noticeable uptick in dormant token activity within The XRP Ledger, signaling a potential change in the fundamental market dynamics for the cryptocurrency. Corresponding with the turn of May, Santiment’s ‘Token Age Consumed’ measurement uncovers a surge in the circulation of aged coins. This pattern reflects a comparable event that occurred in April, which preceded a significant market downturn, during which XRP saw its value plummet by 16%.

However, unlike the previous downturn-induced scenario, Santiment proposes a persuasive explanation that the current swell in aged coin flow could signify the interest of major stakeholders intending to capitalize on a weak market – a strategy fondly referred to as ‘buying the dip.’

Add to this the mushrooming open interest on trading platforms, which has recently hit a three-week acme, signifying an increment in active XRP positions and potentially denoting an increase in market involvement and intensified trading activity.

Taking into account these cumulative factors – the upswing in dormant token motion, the potential surge in ‘buy-the-dip’ interest, and the burgeoning open interest on exchanges – a change in market sentiment surrounding XRP could be building momentum.

As of the time of writing, XRP – the seventh-largest cryptocurrency in circulation – trades at $0.5020, shedding over 7% in the mere span of a week and 1% in the previous 24 hours.