Crypto Analyst Predicts XRP’s Monumental Ascent in Repeat Bull Run


Revered crypto analyst, known only as Dark Defender, recently illuminated a fascinating revelation that could potentially stimulate XRP’s legendary price ascent similar to what happened in 2017. Several other analysts back this claim, forming a chorus of voices suggesting the retracing of fortunes for XRP echoing its initial bull run.

Dark Defender, in a recent post on the social media network formerly known as Twitter, posits a compelling argument. With uncanny conviction, he voiced that the pervasive pattern in XRP’s value has merely replicated its 2014-2017 history. There’s a caveat though; this will only hold true as long as the $0.3917 value, dubbed the “Point of Control” or POC, remains secure. Dark Defender defines the POC as the primary price level at which most commercial exchanges of XRP have been transacted since 2014.

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Given the consistency of this POC throughout the past few years, Dark Defender suggests that XRP might echo its remarkable price surge which swept the crypto world in 2017. During this peak, XRP realized a monumental gain of 61,000% over a span of just 280 days. Apart from this, he insists the current trend of XRP neatly aligns with the trajectory he had pointed out from 2013-2017. As such, he moots the intriguing possibility of XRP hitting and exceeding the $5.85 mark as an absolute spectacle to behold.

While strengthening his argument, Dark Defender underscores another vital indicator which bolsters the bullish outlook of XRP. He points out that the cryptocurrency token’s daily and weekly Relative Strength Index (RSI) is currently at rock bottom, indicating the stock is significantly oversold. He also draws parallels with the monthly RSI, citing its current alignment with the metrics of March 2020 and November 2022.

Another crypto pundit, Mikybull Crypto, echoes this sentiment, implying that XRP might mirror its 2017 rally driven by its existing price action direction. Proposing a price beyond the $4 mark, his confidence in XRP’s resurgence stems from the currently bleak sentiment circulating around the crypto token.

Further fanning the flames, Javon Marks, yet another crypto whizz, supports the case of XRP’s price surge by predicting a mind-boggling 39,000% price rally; a leap all the way to $200. His calculated prediction hinges on his Full Logarithmic Follow-Through indicator supported by empirical historical data.

In Dark Defender’s most recent post, he again forecasts that XRP could soar as high as $18.22. He contends that the cryptocurrency has recently hit the ultimate Fibonacci support figure of $0.3917, eerily identical to the POC. This, he suggests, aligns with the five Elliot Waves target of $1.88, $5.85, and $18.22. A cautionary note, however: any descent below the $0.3917 mark could potentially disrupt the pattern he has been closely monitoring.

The analytical maverick further suggests a bullish reversal is imminently expected for XRP. This is indicated by the XRP’s weekly RSI sinking to its lowest range, suggesting XRP is an oversold commodity in the crypto market.

As of report time, XRP fluctuates around the ballpark of $0.42, evidencing a reduction of just over 4% over the past 24 hours according to data harvested from CoinMarketCap. The ever-volatile landscape of crypto prices could yet see fortunes turn, regardless of any seeming market headwinds.