Crypto Analyst Predicts Surge for Sluggish XRP, Targets $1 Mark


In the field of cryptocurrency, where volatility is the name of the game, the altcoin XRP has faced a comparative lack of momentum in the past year. Despite notching sporadic victories in its ongoing legal tussle with the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission, XRP has been unable to touch or surpass its all-time peak.

Nonetheless, the lack of significant price movement has not daunted the spirits of the investors. Irrespective of the present sluggishness, they remain bullish on the long-term prospects of XRP. One ardent voice of optimism in this context is Alan Santana, a renowned crypto analyst who foresees the advent of a strong bullish wave that could propel the altcoin towards a significant breakthrough – the coveted $1 price mark.

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Through a comprehensive analysis, Santana has put forth promising predictions for XRP. He factored in former patterns of performance exhibited by XRP along with other cryptocurrencies to underscore their precedent of notable peaks.

In Santana’s analysis of the volatile crypto landscape, he explains that all cryptocurrencies go through cycles of peak performances, followed by the advent of a bullish wave. This upbeat trajectory generally occurs approximately 8-10 months post the previously recorded peak, thereby implying that XRP is due for a bullish spurt.

Santana reminds us of the last peak for XRP that occurred back in July 2023. That surge was catalyzed by a ruling issued by Judge Analisa Torres, who stated that XRP’s programmatic sales couldn’t be classified as securities offerings. The XRP price, at that time, rocketed over $0.7. But once the bull’s run ended, the altcoin spiraled into almost a year-long slump.

Fast-forward to the present, when XRP has spent an unusually long span of 11 months in a bearish grip. Considering the historical cryptocurrency average lag of 8-10 months between bullish waves, Santana suggests that XRP’s time for resurgence might be around the corner.

However, he cautions against expecting all bullish waves to follow the same pattern across different cryptocurrencies. Therefore, even when XRP embarks on its next bullish trajectory, it may not necessarily align with expectations. Regardless, Santana consistently asserts his faith in the potential of an uptick that could push the price further up the ladder.

As for gauging the zenith of the next surge, the analyst posits a potential 100% upswing for the altcoin. He earmarks $0.65 as a primary goalpost, a price point that would translate to an about 50% increase from its current standing.

Santana doesn’t limit XRP’s potential upswing to $0.65. His prediction charts illustrate the possibility of the XRP price soaring as high as $0.9442 before running out of steam. If this scenario pans out, it is conceivable that the price may graze the ambitious $1 mark before charting a correctional downward arc again.

In the frenzied world of cryptocurrency, defining specifics can often be akin to shooting for a moving target. However, the diligent analysis by Alan Santana has surely stoked up optimism among XRP followers eyeing the next moonshot.