Crypto Analyst Predicts Significant XRP Rally by 2024, Projects 7,637% Surge


Climbing from the depths of a bearish valley, the native cryptocurrency token of the XRP Ledger (XRPL), XRP, is ready to spread its wings and take flight. This is according to a seasoned crypto analyst who has closely studied key indicators pointing to a significant forthcoming rally for XRP.

Noted crypto analyst Tylie Eric made his bullish predictions made in a June post on platform, X (previously Twitter). Eric, with a prescient eye and unwavering faith in the digital currency’s potential, impressed upon XRP’s likelihood to rocket skyward before year’s end. His confidence was accentuated by an XRP price chart that traced the token’s tumultuous journey from 2014, projecting into 2025 with domino-like precision.

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Eric’s assertions rested firmly on the belief that XRP has met all the restrictive preconditions for a potential bull’s charge to new zeniths. He suggested that XRP is well poised to navigate the twists and turns of “wave 3 and wave 5,” the integral phases of the acclaimed Elliott Wave Theory.

The Elliott Wave Theory, a reliable compass for navigating cryptocurrency’s choppy price movements, identifies recurrent long-term price patterns. This theory, interwoven with Eric’s detailed analysis, indicated that XRP is currently displaying similar patterns to those seen during its 2017 bull run. In that year, XRP experienced a seismic price rally leading to an all-time high of $3.84 by the following year.

With the evidence so strikingly similar, Eric posited XRP’s current price actions were mirroring those bullish conditions of yesteryears. Consequently, he confidently projected a substantial price surge for XRP to an eye-popping $36.36 before 2024 winds up. This projection would require a monumental 7,637.22% price surge to reach the projected target.

Eric, though a cryptocurrency analyst by trade, wears his allegiances on his digital sleeve, being a relentless supporter of XRP. The analyst’s predictions for the cryptocurrency have consistently painted a bullish picture, hopeful for the long-awaited rebound from bearish sentiment.

However, XRP’s current narrative unfolds a somewhat drab tale. Its price today dances around $0.45, marking a 4.12% drop in the last day and a considerable 11.71% tumble in the recent month. The cryptocurrency has been nose-diving relentlessly from early June, trading below $0.5, with its current downward trajectory fueled by market volatility and the ongoing legal cloud with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Yet, despite its grim narrative, there’s a silver lining on XRP’s horizon. The bullish sentiment among crypto analysts continue to grow for the embattled cryptocurrency. Notably, ‘Egrag Crypto,’ another crypto analyst, predicted the token inching closer to the Fibonacci (Fib) 1.618 – a potential indication of forthcoming areas for a price reversal or continuation for XRP.

Egrag Crypto too shared his own price chart tracing XRP’s journey from 2014 to 2024. Echoing Eric’s sentiments, he too emphasized that if history vowed to repeat itself, a potential price surge to $27 would change the landscape. This optimistic projection has whetted the investors’ appetite, urging them to anticipate a major comeback for XRP. Thus, the promise of XRP’s meteoric rise remains on the horizon, waiting to finally rewrite its intriguing saga.

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