Crypto Analyst Predicts Next Twist in Ripple’s Tense Legal Battle and Potential Price Surge


Nestled within the world of cryptocurrencies, where the stakes are perpetually high and the landscape constantly advances, renowned crypto analyst Dark Defender recently shared some fascinating insights into XRP’s prospective price movements, using the reliable portal of X. The investigation focused on a monthly timeframe, and Dark Defender guided us through the labyrinth of encryption algorithms and blockchains to understand that what’s been holding strong for XRP is a critical support trend, shown in a shade of distinct blue.

For the crypto community, this is akin to a classic cliffhanger. The suspense amplifies as they await fresh Ripple filings, scheduled for revelation next week. The ambience fluctuates between anticipation and caution as traders and market watchers wonder what would occur if XRP failed to withstand its position above the blue support line.

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According to Dark Defender’s evaluation, if XRP suffers that downward plunge beyond the blue support line, it might gravitate towards two crucial Fibonacci retracement levels, stationed at $0.4623 (38.2%) and $0.3917 (23.6%). These levels are based on the chart’s swing high and low points, traditionally regarded as potential lifelines where XRP price could stabilize or make a comeback.

Presently, falling beneath these points, particularly with the price closing under $0.3917 for two or three successive days, would negate the bullish five-wave structure. Dark Defender has put forth the proposition that this structure could catapult XRP to an impressive high of $5.85.

Conversely, if XRP seized back the 61.8% Fibonacci level at $0.6044, it would translate as a promising start towards an ascendant trajectory. Within the price span of $0.6649 and $0.3917, any fluctuation is generally seen as a sideways trend.

Breaking above the 70.2% level at $0.6649 could validate a bullish run, with Dark Defender indicating this as a significant checkpoint for a favorable price path. Above this threshold, XRP is expected to aim for the Fibonacci extension levels of $1.8815 (161.8%) and perhaps as far as $5.8563 (261.8%), ambitious targets that make for a thrilling forecast.

The chart also showcases a “Main Resistance Trend” line, a formidable barrier that has capped the price since the peak of early 2018. The current price maneuver is wedged between this downward resistance and the upward support trend lines, hence an intriguing convergence pattern that could signal an imminent breakout which could indicate a larger rally.

This week is particularly crucial for Ripple Labs as it prepares to counter the US Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) remedies briefing on April 22nd – a critical moment in their ongoing legal duel. This reply serves as Ripple’s response to the SEC’s briefing, which outlined possible remedies, including disgorgement of profits from XRP sales and civil penalties.

The series of events spell high stakes for Ripple Labs, as the SEC alleges Ripple’s involvement in an unregistered securities offering revolving around XRP sales, which could lead to fines nearing $2 billion.

Legal and financial observers speculate that Ripple will mount an aggressive defense against the SEC’s accusations. Key to their defense will be debunking the SEC’s claim of the need for repayment due to alleged financial harm to XRP buyers.

Ripple is also expected to maximize the leverage of recent favorable legal decisions and regulatory changes with the aim of undermining the SEC’s position. As per the schedule, Ripple is supposed to submit a redacted, public edition of its objection brief along with related testimonies and exhibits today, granted none of these materials contain confidential information designated by the SEC.

Should confidentiality be an issue, Ripple will submit the documents under seal and present a redacted public version by April 24. Following this, the SEC will have a chance to respond, with their reply expected to be filed under seal by May 6.

The trading world waits with bated breath as the story unfolds. At the time of reporting, XRP was trading at $0.53, leaving investors and traders eager to see the next twist in this gripping crypto narrative.