Crypto Analyst Predicts Major Resistance Ahead for Standout Altcoin BNB


As the cryptocurrency market roils, BNB, the native token of the BSC network, has undeniably emerged as a standout performer in the altcoins segment of the bull market. Over the span of a year, the coin’s value soared, with prices rocketing from a humble $200 to a staggering $600 – a remarkable yield of over 200%. But the golden era of BNB’s dominance may be nearing its end.

The observation comes from Trade City Pro, a notable crypto analyst who has hinted at a looming impediment in the altcoin’s meteoric rise. In a shared analysis via TradingView, he has forecasted the strong possibility of BNB encountering a tremendous resistance in time to come. This hurdle, he points out, is a fallout of the massive bullish rally BNB experienced in the past year and a battleground where the bears are set to make their stand.

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Amidst these developments, it is Bitcoin’s performance that Trade City Pro suggests will infuse certainty about BNB’s future trajectory. His prognosis includes the risk of BNB receding into a consolidation and correction phase, which, if realized, could translate to a precarious investment for ardent supporters.

The analysis primarily hinges on Bitcoin’s future strides. As currently the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap, BNB has a history of mimicking Bitcoin’s swings – albeit on a larger scale than its smaller altcoin brethren. Consequently, if Bitcoin takes a hit, the BNB token may twitch in response. A decisive threshold, as per Trade City Pro’s forecast, is the $48,000 mark for Bitcoin. If Bitcoin dips below this level, it would signal a sell-off. Alternatively, if Bitcoin holds strong, riding out the storm above the $48,000 precipice, holding onto the altcoin would be the prudent strategy.

For those with a vested interest in BNB, having an action plan ready in case of a price nosedive is crucial. Imagine a scenario where Bitcoin plunges below $48,000 – this could very feasibly pull BNB down to the $400 threshold. Here, our expert analyst suggests, could lie an incredible opportunity to buy. He refers to this situation as the “Potential Re-Entry” point.

Furthermore, for those waiting out the market turbulence, if BNB prices manage to claw back and hold steady above the $616 mark, it would be a green light for investors to re-enter the scene. This is because the $616-$660 range is identified as a significant resistance zone for BNB, hence overcoming that is pivotal for the altcoin’s continued rally.

Trade City Pro has also added that the Fibonacci Retracement Levels could also provide a golden window for re-entry into BNB. By his estimation, in case of a market correction, re-entry levels could range from $394 to $430. He, however, warns that investors should keenly observe a momentum change or reaction at these levels before making their move.

Intriguingly, BNB has stood relatively unruffled by the broader market volatility, which raises the question of whether Binance might be positioning for something unique. But, as BNB bulls valiantly defend their fortress at the $550 key support level, the market watches on with bated breath.