CRTC Draws Line for Streaming Platforms Under New Online Streaming Act


The distinguished Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has drawn a defining line to ascertain which internet-based streaming platforms will now find themselves under the umbrella of fresh mandates born from the Online Streaming Act, once recognized as Bill C-11.

According to the regulator’s recent declaration, those digital streaming services that serve broadcasting content to Canadian audience and cultivate an annual revenue of over $10 million are required to give an account of their operations. These services must duly register with the CRTC no later than November 28th.

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Furthermore, this mandate also asserts that online services dedicated to podcasts and social media platforms will need to complete the registration process. That said, the onus does not extend to individual social media users or those who utilize such platforms to share podcasts.

The Online Streaming Act, which officially gained royal assent as of April, aims to revise the Broadcasting Act. It does so by enforcing digital entities such as Netflix, YouTube, and TikTok to actively contribute to and promote genuine Canadian content.

Come Friday, the CRTC will be necessitating certain streaming services to submit information pertinent to their content and subscriber base. In addition, these services will also be expected to avail their content to audiences independently of any specific mobile or internet service.

This verdict wraps up two out of the three public consultations initiated by the CRTC back in May, associated with Bill C-11. Meanwhile, the regulator remains focused on contemplating the kind of contributions that traditional broadcast entities and online-streaming platforms would need to make in a bid to support Canadian and Indigenous content.

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