Crown Resorts in Melbourne Criticized for attempting to interfere with an Inquiry into it Conduct


The $1.6 billion Crown integrated resorts in Victoria opened last year without the planned casino. The casino was barred from opening due to the inability to prevent money laundering. It also and has links to organized crimes in Asia.

Now, the Crown Resorts Board of Directors is cautioning officials in Victoria not rash into a conclusion regarding the state’s inquiry into the casino company. Victoria commissioned the inquiry into the casino operator and Crown Resorts in February.

The inquiry was prompted by another finding in New South Wales that alleged that Crown was unsuitable to hold a casino license due to the influence billionaire James Packer was having over the board.

The investigation in Victoria is led by Commissioner Royal Finkelstein, who recently said that there was evidence of misconduct among Crown officials, in the middle, lower, and higher levels.

Victorian Gaming Minister Mellissa Horne and executive Chairlady of Crown board Helen Noonan insist that it’s not in the best interest of the state to hurt Crown Resorts and casino at Melbourne.

Crown Resorts claim that the public would be harmed more if Victoria deemed the company unsuitable to operate in Melbourne. Finkelstein criticized Crown for what he believes is an attempt to interfere with the inquiry.

Finkelstein believes that there is only one solution to the casino problem. And that is fragmenting the casino giant into separate divisions. Crown casino in Melbourne casino was established under an agreement that it operates with Victoria economic and social interest and upon a model agreed between the government and the casino.


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