At a Crossroads? 5 Tips to Help you Thrive


Crossroads is about change and making choices. Maybe things aren’t working out as you planned or you’re ready to try something new. Both of these scenarios can feel overwhelming. What do you do?

I’ve been an MS warrior for 25 years and faced several crossroads when it came to my health options. It was scary. Full of self-doubt, I stood up against inflexible professionals who told me what drugs to take and which diet to follow. The following five tips helped me persevere and follow my own path. Today I’m stronger and healthier as a result.

Try these 5 tips to keep you grounded and clear so you make good decisions.

1. Let go of expectation of how things should turn out. Rather than spend energy on the past and future, focus on the present and what is actually going on now. This is where your life is and when you can actually do something about it.

2. Listen to your gut. Rather than being distracted by fear or worry, make some quiet time to slow down the busy inner chatter and listen to your intuition — that inner knowing or gut feeling that tells you what’s right or wrong and good or bad for you.

. Respond vs react. You may be so fearful of making a decision that you do nothing. Be aware this may be your automatic reaction. Notice how you deal with stress and learn counter-habits that enable you to respond thoughtfully rather than react automatically to any situation.

4. Make a plan.
Dream big! Look inside and ask ‘what do I want?’ Start cultivating conditions for growth and success. Watch what happens.

5.  Accept that we learn and grow from ALL experience.
If things don’t work out, there will be new opportunities and choices to explore. Draw on your courage and determination; self -love and respect to keep you moving forward.



Caroline Courey is a personal life coach in Hudson helping people create deep and lasting change for a more fulfilling life. She’s  also a mother of four, MS warrior since 1992, author and co-founder of Quiet Mind Mindful Reflection workshops with her husband.  Learn more at


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