Critically Injured Aussie Cop to Return Home After Successful Fundraising


In the wake of a horrendous fall overseas that left her in critical condition, preparations are underway to bring Western Australian police officer Ella Cutler back home. The 26-year-old officer suffered grievous injuries when she fell 10 meters from a clifftop while visiting the seashore city of Dubrovnik, Croatia on the 26th of August.

Due to the refusal by RAC, her travel insurance company, to finance her medical treatment and air ambulance ride back to Australia, her family resorted to raising money through an online fundraiser. Remarkably, the collective push by kind-hearted strangers and the Cutler family saw the GoFundMe campaign overshoot its half a million dollar target, standing over $524,000 at the time documented.

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In sync with the successful fundraiser, the Cutler family released an official statement via WA Police. The statement expressed the complexity of the medical and logistical considerations required to transport Ella back to Western Australia. Nevertheless, they radiated a palpable sense of optimism with the hopeful prediction that her return would be a matter of days, rather than weeks. The statement underscored the vital role played by the financial support from WA’s ‘blue family’ and the larger community in making Ella’s return possible. It concluded with heartfelt thanks from the Cutler family.

A rough estimate places the cost of the air ambulance transport alone from Croatia at around $400,000.

To further kindle community support, a 40-second footage containing photographs and videos of Ms Cutler, featuring recent images of her in her hospital bed, were posted by WA Police last Friday. WA Police Inspector Geoff DeSanges commended the rallying support from the WA police. Underlining the financial struggle faced by Ella’s family to repatriate her, he stated, “A lot of people in WA police have got behind that effort which is not surprising to me because we’re a very tight-knit blue family.”