Criss Angel Accused of Assaulting Showgoer in Vegas


Illusionist Criss Angel is at the centre of controversy after an incident at his “Mindfreak” show in Las Vegas on December 29. A fan who was allegedly assisted out of the venue by the magician now accuses him of assault.

The contention began when Branden McDonald, a 31-year-old man from Ontario, Canada, was discovered by security using his cellphone during the show, an action against the house rules. Despite being approached and asked to cease this activity, McDonald reportedly continued, prompting further intervention.

During the altercation that ensued, Angel participated in escorting the Canadian out of the theater. As the situation escalated, security guards claim McDonald adopted a threatening posture towards Angel, prompting one guard to physically remove him from the premises and conduct a citizen’s arrest.

Yet, a fresh dimension to the incident has surfaced from McDonald’s legal representation. Adam Solinger, his attorney, reports that prior to law enforcement’s arrival, Angel threatened McDonald with physical harm, allegedly stating, “I’m going to choke you,” followed by an action where Angel purportedly choked McDonald from behind.

Solinger asserts that his client was not the aggressor, but rather a concerned son texting his sick mother when he was assailed by security. As a result of the confrontation, McDonald alleges that he sustained a sore throat from Angel’s supposed chokehold and a head injury due to the force applied by security personnel.

The legal team is examining the potential for criminal and civil action in response to the events, which saw McDonald arrested under suspicion of battery and is facing a misdemeanor charge. His case is scheduled for a court hearing on March 5.

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