Create a Life You Don’t Need A Vacation From


I was quite young when I knew what I wanted to be.  The first person I wanted to be was a ballerina!  I wanted to be a ballerina so badly.  I studied ballet when I was a child.  I loved and presently still love to watch ballerina’s dance.  I still toe out all the time.  My Yoga Guru Gal Dorit constantly tells me to align my feet in a parallel form, I can’t do it.  I’m always in a natural first position.

Becoming a ballerina takes a lot of time and dedication.  I think socializing with my friends took me off the ballerina track.  Shortly after that, puberty hit me like a brick.  At the end of my teens, I had to figure out the next person I wanted to be.

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Entrepreneurial Sue was who I wanted to be.  When I was attending Junior College or CEGEP (Quebec College) I started a business with my boyfriend.  It was a telegram service in which we delivered personally decorated giant chocolate chip cookies.  It was called Cookie-A-Gram.  I still own the name and concept.  We baked and delivered these cookies for 4 years.  We worked really hard and made decent earnings every week. I thank Cookie-A-Gram for my first car!

As a part-time job, the cookie telegram business was fun and stable, but I still needed an everlasting full-time profession.  Teacher! I remember playing school when I was a child.  My friends and I would set up a pretend school in the basement.  Most of the time, I was the teacher.  Miss Suzie was my name.  I created lessons, activities, class work and homework.  I loved correcting and decorating my classroom.  Giving out stickers for excellent work was my favourite thing to do.  It still is!

So, I went to school to become a teacher and that is the person I am today.  Toss in being an author, columnist, and poet, you have the evolution of me.  There are other wonderful branches in my life I have created for myself.  The point here is the quote, “Create a Life You Don’t Need a Vacation From”. I think I have succeeded at this.

Although, I do love going on vacation to my favourite places in the world.  In honesty, my ultimate favourite place is… my life at home. The busy life I’ve created for myself.

Life is an always evolving journey.  Hopefully, a happy life is one filled with the things you really like to do.  I’m really busy all the time. I always have projects to do on my desk. I go from one project to the next and usually in a perennial fashion.

Have you created a life you are happy with?  Are you most happy when you’re on vacation or are you most happy in your life at home? Do you simply love to travel and that’s your fun?

Some people travel constantly.  I wonder if they have created a life they need a vacation from?  Perhaps their life is too busy and hectic so they need to travel to rest from it?  Perhaps their love for travel is the life they pursue and that’s their happiness?  I wonder?

For me, I love when my desk is filled with projects and things to do.  I love a long “to do” list.  New challenges and mindful workouts get me excited!

Although, sitting on my tush for hours writing and writing could definitely benefit from a good long walk or run along a breezy ocean shore.  I hear the ocean calling my name… soon…very soon I’m coming to you!

Get busy, be that bee, spring is here, get out there!