CPIA partners with Pointe Claire and Beaconsfield for polystyrene/styrofoam recycling


From the CPIA web site…

The Canadian Plastics Industry Association (CPIA) is partnering with the Quebec city of Pointe-Claire to organize special events for polystyrene collection.

Residents of Pointe-Claire are invited to bring the post-cnsumer polystyrene – which is marked with the number “6” inside a triangle – they have collected to the Public Works Yard in Pointe-Claire on September 5 and October 3.

“We are proud to be involved with this polystyrene recycling pilot project on the next two Ecocentre collection days,” said Pointe-Claire mayor Morris Trudeau. “This initiative further proves our commitment to reduce the amount of trash we send to the landfill by adopting the best environmental protection and sustainable development practices. Our citizens have been outstanding environmental stewards for years, and we have led the way in Greater Montreal. Plastic #6 recycling is one example. We want to make this initiative permanent by next year.”

The plastic #6 will be collected by Polyform, a Granby, Que.-based company that recycles millions of kilos of plastic each year, including the polystyrene containers and packaging found regularly in households.

The two recycling days in Pointe-Claire follow an earlier such event held on August 29-30 in the Quebec city of Beaconsfield.

Items for collection must be clean and free of packaging, labels, absorbent pads, and aluminum lids. Polystyrene is marked with the number 6 inside a triangle. This symbol appears on many types of packaging, including meat trays, yogurt containers and the foam used to protect electronics and small household appliances.

The City of Beaconsfield held tremendously successful collection days on August 29 and 30, with more than 500 pounds of polystyrene collected by Polyform. Polystyrene is being recycled into new durable goods.


Dates: September 5 and October 3

Time: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Location: 50 Terra-Cotta Avenue (Public Works Yard)



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