COVID Vaccine Made In Edmonton Ready For Trial, Firm Says


An Edmonton pharmaceutical company has said that its locally manufactured vaccine is ready to head to trials.

The firm noted that it is looking forward to Health Canada’s approval of their phase 1 trials will begin after they shipped their vaccine for tests at the Canadian Virology Center based in Halifax.

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The vaccine is similar to that developed by Pfizer and Moderna, but rather than delivering potency via dual mRNA, the vaccine is DNA-based.

The firm noted that the vaccine could be stored at room temperature for one month and under refrigerated conditions for a year. The dual dose mRNA version needs to be stored in a freezer under ultra-cold conditions. The company noted that they employed cancer research technology in developing this vaccine.

Once it is approved, the vaccine will become part of the list of therapeutics approved for trials. This comes as the province detailed its plan to establish local manufacturing capabilities as new strains of the virus continue to emerge.

Entos is looking forward to being allowed emergency authorization for their vaccine before the year closes, provided they can secure the necessary funding for their clinical trials.

The company collaborates with Alberta’s Cell Therapy Manufacturing in making the first lot of Entos. Then, it patterned with a center based in Ottawa to fill orders that they sent out to the virology center.

At the virology center, they expect to test the vaccine’s safety in about 72 participants, with a larger sample expected in the second phase of the trial.

The company noted that once this trial is successful, it hopes to secure more funding for trials for their second vaccine, which it says was developed with the help of machine learning algorithms.