COVID-19 Vaccination Proven Safe and Crucial for Pregnant Women in Canada


A span of more than three years has passed since the unforeseen emergence of COVID-19 in Canada. Up until now, the question of getting a vaccine while being pregnant has lingered. A publication in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) recently confirms that immunization during gestation is not only safe and efficient, but also crucial. This is due to the dire susceptibility of pregnant individuals and their unborn infants to severe consequences should they contract the virus.

In shedding further light on the matter, the publication delves into the latest comprehension of the virus’ effects during pregnancy and provides guidelines for vaccination. It highlights that “All mRNA SARS-CoV-2 vaccines approved for use in Canada are recommended during pregnancy.”

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The analysis underscores the increased threats that COVID-19 presents to an expecting individual and their embryos. In fact, an observational study from 2021-22 identified a heightened risk of severe illness and mortality among pregnant women who contracted the virus. The upside, however, lies in vaccination. Figures show that vaccination significantly reduces these alarming risks, with the benefits being most significant among those who received an optimal number of doses.

In addition to jeopardizing the health of expecting mothers, COVID-19 also increases the likelihood of severe outcomes in infants. This includes an increased risk of stillbirth and neonatal ICU admission. However, the introduction of an mRNA vaccine in pregnancy provides the much-needed shield against these daunting consequences.

The CMAJ assures us that receiving a COVID-19 vaccine while pregnant poses no harm to either the mother or the baby. In doing so, it debunks the notion that vaccination during pregnancy could lead to miscarriage, congenital anomalies, preterm delivery, or other adverse perinatal outcomes.

The effects of vaccination extend beyond pregnancy. In fact, a mother-to-be who gets vaccinated against COVID-19 also reduces her infant’s likelihood of hospital admission due to the virus. Furthermore, immunization during pregnancy has also been linked to a decreased risk in infants younger than six months old – a demographic that is not yet eligible for vaccination and runs a higher chance of COVID-19 complications.

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