COVID-19 Patient Dies in ICU after Oxygen Supply Cut off in a Montreal Hospital


A 71-year-old Quebec man died in hospital on 5th June after the oxygen supply was accidentally cut off for nearly a minute. Now the widow of the man wants answers to questions surrounding his death.

In May, Maurice Leblanc was admitted at Charles-Le Moyne intensive care unit in Longueuil for pneumonia. He also tested positive for COVID-19. Leblanc is not the only one who was cut off from the oxygen supply; the other eight patients recovered after being hooked to the oxygen tubes.

For Leblanc, a former Canadian Armed Forces Mechanic, a minute was fateful enough to take his life. For Carmelle Larochelle, the widow, it was a big blow; she thought he would heal. The CISSS de la Monteregie-Centre health board said that the incident happened when work was done on the medical gas network in a section of the hospital.

The board spokesperson said that Leblanc died because his health could not sustain a lack of oxygen. The board also said that death is a result of human error. However, the patient’s right advocate is still wearily how such a fatal mistake could have occurred.

“When you talk about human error, were all the systems and the stoppage of systems verified, double-checked, and cross-checked by at least two people.”

Larochelle wants to make peace with her husband’s death. It has been an exhausting ordeal for her, and all she wants is light to be shed on the incident. Leblanc was a grandfather and lived in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu. Before his death, he had been in a coma for three weeks.


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