COVID-19 Outbreak Hits Victoria General Hospital’s Acute-Care Ward


In a concerning development, a COVID-19 outbreak has been announced at Victoria General Hospital following the infection of 11 patients within an acute-care ward.

A representative from Island Health confirmed that out of the original 11, eight patients remain active with the virus on Wednesday within the confines of unit 6C. This news emerged shortly after this recent flare-up of the respiratory disease was confirmed.

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Currently, all patients are all reported to only be suffering from mild symptoms of the disease. The health authority has also been quick to reassure the public. The outbreak is confined exclusively to this unit and does not impact any other parts of the hospital facility.

Remarkably, this outbreak is unique and represents the sole active case of COVID-19 in any of of Vancouver Island’s healthcare facilities, as per updates from Island Health active outbreak records.

On the day this official declaration was made, there was coincidentally a reinstatement of mask mandates for all healthcare employees, volunteers, and visitors attending hospitals or any other healthcare environments across British Columbia.

Last week, Dr. Bonnie Henry, a Provincial health officer, declared that effective from Oct. 3, masks are mandatory across all patient-care areas. This move comes in preparation for the province’s fall season flu and COVID-19 mass vaccination campaign.

Island Health extended an assurance to patients needing urgent medical attention or having existing appointments at Victoria General Hospital. They are encouraged not to avoid visiting the facility due to the ongoing outbreak.

In a recent statement, Island health reinforced, “Victoria General Hospital (VGH) remains a reliable and safe place to seek medical care.” Encouragingly, the institution have implemented enhanced infection control protocols which have been proven effective over the course of the pandemic. The level of preparation to handle the situation effectively is demonstrated by the experience the hospital has amassed in the past three years of dealing with COVID-19.