COVID-19 in Saskatchewan: 182 New Infections, Four Deaths Reported


Sunday’s COVID-19 update in Saskatchewan reported 192 new cases in the province. Four deaths were recorded.

Two individuals in their 60s succumbed to the disease in the northwest zone, and two others in their 70s in the Regina zone passed away after testing positive for COVID.

Saskatchewan is now recording 372 deaths since the coronavirus outbreak.

The new infections were located in the following areas:

Regina, 56.
Saskatoon, 48.
Far Northeast, 22.
Far Northwest, 11.
Northwest, 10.
Central East, 7.
Southcentral, 5.
Northcentral, 5.
Northeast, 4.
Central West, 2.
Northcentral, 2.

One case was reported in each of the southeast and southwest zones and 8 new cases required residence information.

Four cases were reassigned, one added in every of the far north-central and northwest regions and another two in the north central zone.

As of Sunday, Saskatchewan was reporting 1,670 active cases of COVID-19. The seven-day daily new case average now sits at 153 or 12.5% per 100,000 persons.

Sunday’s update also said that 176 people were hospitalized, with 13 of them in intensive care. The update said 2,428 doses of COVID-19 vaccine were administered in Saskatchewan on Saturday. There were 2,186 COVID-19 tests conducted in the province on Saturday.


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