Courtroom Drama Peaks as Prosecutors Propose Scrapping Lt.-Gen. Whelan’s Court Martial


In what turned out to be a highly emotional courtroom spectacle this morning, Lt.-Gen. Steven Whelan was seen wiping tears as his ongoing court martial process took an unexpected turn. Military prosecutors led the dialogue, urging the presiding judge to consider scrapping the case lodged against Whelan.

The toil began when Whelan entered a plea of not guilty to an accusation of conduct prejudiced to good order and discipline. He was highlighted for allegedly tampering with a 2011 performance report.

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The military conjecture presented Whelan as wilfully providing the case complainant, a female who served under his command, with an unnaturally favourable score. The claim suggests that this was a manoeuvre to stop her from divulging information about suggestive emails to higher-ranking officers. The controversial emails, it was said, had been exchanged between Whelan and the woman prior to their professional relationship.

A separate allegation, which hinted at an unsuitable liaison with an inferior, was dismissed by the prosecutors at the commencement of the court-martial the previous week.

As the sun climbed higher this morning, so too did the intensity of the courthouse drama. Prosecutors called upon Cmdr. Martin Pelletier, the military judge overseeing the matter, to withdraw this lasting indictment. This was purported to be rooted in a reconsideration of the evidence.

Ironically, it was Pelletier who had ruled last Friday that the central issue to the case, the risqué emails, was inadmissible as prosecutorial evidence.

Following the morning’s unprecedented proceedings, the prosecutors opted not to participate in any interview requests, thereby adding to the growing intrigue.

One cannot help but marvel at the complex twists and turns that fill our reality, not unlike the thrill and unpredictability offered by the world of online casinos, a topic we delve into more deeply on our West Island Blog. Nonetheless, that’s a different saga to navigate another day.