Court Hearing Reveals Evidence Seized from Alleged Terrorist Veltman’s Quarters


On a Thursday court hearing, new information surfaced regarding the items confiscated from the quarters of defendant Nathaniel Veltman in Windsor.

The 22-year-old stands his ground, continuing to plead innocence against charges of a terrorist-fueled-first-degree homicide quartet and one attempted murder, also allegedly incited by terrorist intentions.

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Veltman did not deny operating a 2016 model Dodge Ram pickup truck on June 6th, 2021, the fateful day he encountered the Afzaal family on this journey. The Afroods were innocently waiting to traverse Hyde Park Road at South Carriage Road, a notable location on the city’s westward end.

In this unfortunate incident, four family members tragically lost their lives; Talat, the elderly grandmother, her son Salman, his wife Madiha, and their young daughter Yumnah. The couple’s nine-year-old son was the lone survivor amidst severe injuries.

As the court session proceeded on Thursday, the jury learned of the objects seized from Veltman’s place on June 12, 2021. Sgt. Jason Eddy and Detective Const. Michael Comeau, from the Digital Forensic Unit of the London Police Service, traveled to Windsor to share their insights on Thursday.

Eddy placed before the jury paperwork and proof of sale of the 2016 Dodge Ram pickup truck, which painted the picture that Veltman had spent over $24,000 on the vehicle. The records revealed that Veltman had given an initial payment of $2,000 on May 11, 2021, and claimed ownership of the truck on May 19. Veltman had also secured a one-year warranty for the vehicle, as suggested by the documents.

In addition to this, the jury was informed regarding the retrieval of a cellphone, laptop, two USB sticks, and an external hard drive from Veltman’s moderately furnished downtown apartment.

Ensuring no data corruption, both Eddy—who seized the laptop, USBs, and hard drive—and Comeau—who impounded the cellphone—briefed the jury on their method of accessing the digital data without mutating or erasing the contained information. They achieved this by using advanced software programs to produce electronic replicas of the retrieved items, useful for their investigations.

By late Thursday, it was revealed that the copied data from Veltman’s devices was further routed to an independent examiner with Windsor Police Service in March 2023.

However, the content found on Veltman’s digital devices remains unknown, as neither investigator was questioned about it.

The jury was dismissed earlier than scheduled on Thursday, with Justice Renee Pomerance also giving them leave for the extended weekend. The reasons were left untold, but it was noted that the trial proceedings would be halted on Friday, September 29th to recognize the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on Monday, October 1st.