Country Star Morgan Wallen Faces Felonies after Rooftop Antics in Nashville


In the very heart of Tennessee, within the country-saturated cityscape of Nashville, a wild update has recently surfaced surrounding one of the finest contemporary country artists – Morgan Wallen. In the early morning hours of Monday, the renowned singer found himself in a tailspin that led straight to the local jailhouse. The cause of this unfortunate predicament? An impulsive and careless act of tossing a chair off the roof of a swanky, six-story bar newly constructed in the center of the bustling city.

Charged with three counts of reckless endangerment – all classified as felonies – as well as a misdemeanour count of disorderly conduct, Wallen found himself in hot water. This puzzling act of lighthearted mayhem, as revealed by the Metro Nashville Police, took place at Chief’s bar, a recent addition to the nightlife scene. The rooftop of this bar was the scene of the unexpected crime, with an over-the-edge chair reportedly landing unnervingly close to a pair of patrolling officers on the busy thoroughfare of Broadway.

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Accompanying affidavits paint an alarming image; a thrown chair falling three feet short of the oblivious officers. Based on testimonies provided by stunned eyewitnesses and the security footage under review, Wallen was reportedly seen indulging in a bout of laughter after heaving the chair off the towering rooftop.

His legal counsel, Attorney Worrick Robinson, acknowledged the situation and hurriedly confirmed Wallen’s earnest cooperation with the authorities. Upon his release, a court date was scheduled for the 3rd of May.

With numerous top hits on the Billboard’s Hot 100 list, including “Last Night,” “You Proof,” “Thinkin’ Bout Me,” “Thought You Should Know,” and “Don’t Think Jesus,” Wallen is a force to be reckoned with on the contemporary country music scene. His third studio album, “One Thing at a Time” dropped in 2023 and had a remarkable 16-week run at the top of the Billboard 200. This extraordinary feat put him in the limelight for an astounding 30% of the year – a record not achieved since Adele’s reign with ’21’ a decade prior.

However, this recent misdemeanor wasn’t Wallen’s first brush with controversy. His reputation took a significant hit in 2021 when an infamous video clip emerged showing him hurling a racial slur. The ensuing backlash cascaded, leading to his suspension from the label, withdrawal of his songs from radio stations and streaming platforms, and snubbing at several award shows, including the Grammys.

Just a year prior to the 2021 incident, in 2020, Wallen had yet another run-in with the law, this time in the form of public intoxication and disorderly conduct charges. The incident occurred at Kid Rock’s Bar, where he was forcibly ejected due to his disruptive behavior.

Following these consecutive episodes of untamed conduct, Wallen shared a humble apology to all those affected, underscoring that while they had been ‘horse-playing,’ no harm was meant. He went on to commend the local authorities for handling the incidents professionally and assured fans of his continued respect for them, an attitude he best demonstrated through his well-loved country hits.

Indeed, despite the turbulent interruptions to his otherwise successful career, the chart-topping singer’s music continues to dominate the country scene, a triumphant testament to his enduring appeal. The latest incident, albeit unfortunate, serves as a sharp reminder of the fallibility that accompanies even such brightly shining stars.