Cosmopolitan’s Loyalty Program to Merge into MGM Rewards in Strategic Revamp


In the radiant heart of the Las Vegas Strip, the Cosmopolitan has long shone brightly in the vibrant constellation of resorts. However, the glamorous venue’s in-house Identity Membership & Rewards loyalty program will soon undergo a significant transformation. Come July 30, it will seamlessly merge into MGM Rewards, part of a strategic shift orchestrated by MGM Resorts International.

This strategic move comes in the wake of MGM Resorts’ acquisition of the Cosmopolitan more than two years ago. The anticipated switch from Identity to MGM Rewards signals a significant shift in fundamental operations. In September 2021, MGM invested a staggering $1.6 billion to secure the rights to the Cosmopolitan from private equity firm, Blackstone.

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The initiation of this transition was initially set for February. However, speculation suggests that cyber-security breaches that impacted MGM’s domestic operations last September caused unforeseen delays. Notwithstanding the challenges, MGM has capitalized on the delay to sweeten the deal for Identity members with numerous bonuses.

According to the operator, all members’ Identity Tier Points earned between July 30, 2023, and July 29, 2024, at the Cosmopolitan will witness an extraordinary doubling surge. They will then convert into MGM Rewards Tier Credits as of July 29, 2024. Furthermore, Table Games Points, accumulated based on Identity table play from July 30, 2023, through July 29, 2024, will fortify MGM Rewards accounts as bonus Tier Credits.

In establishing customers’ existing MGM Rewards tier status, tier credits earned from Identity transitions and table games play will be factored in. Tier credits will determine the status through January 31, 2026. MGM Rewards boasts five tier levels, incorporating Sapphire, Pearl, Gold, Platinum, and NOIR – the latter being an exclusive, by-invitation-only level.

As with many casino rewards programs, the transition from Identity to MGM Rewards is not without its complexities. The specific nomenclature that operators use can be convoluted, requiring rewards-obsessed customers to remain vigilant. For habitual Cosmopolitan bettors, a notable change will be the rebranding of their familiar “tier points” to “tier credits” under MGM Rewards. It is also crucial to mark the shift in the timing of tier status.

Beginning on January 1 and concluding on December 31, the MGM Rewards’ Tier Status Earning Year allows Tier Credits to accumulate to determine Tier Status for the current and subsequent years. Notably, these credits will reset to zero annually on January 1.

Another change concerns the Identity Points, previously earned by Cosmopolitan clients while using slots, video poker, and other gaming machines. These will be rebadged as Slot Dollars under MGM Rewards.

Despite initial hesitations, the transition of Identity to MGM Rewards holds significant advantages for regular Cosmopolitan patrons. The multiplicity of point and tier credit earning opportunities widens considerably, with MGM customers now permitted to accrue points and tier credits at more than 20 Strip and regional casinos across the US and on the BetMGM app. MGM Rewards members also have the added privilege of earning redeemable points on “dining and hotel spend, including entertainment, spa experiences, retail and more,” as stated by the gaming company.

Reaching 25,000 tier credits is the goal for members aiming to ascend to Pearl. Subsequently, 75,000 points are necessary to progress to Gold, and Platinum requires an impressive accrual of 200,000 tier credits. Undoubtedly, the road ahead will be replete with interesting turnings as this narrative unfolds.