Coroner’s Office Takes Over Investigation of Body Found in St. Marys River


The ongoing investigation of a body discovered in the St. Marys River near Pine Street marina is now being headed by the coroner’s office, per a statement from the Sault Ste. Marie police. No further details have been provided by the police department at this time, as the case has been turned over to another leading agency.

The grim discovery was reported to the authorities on Wednesday, at approximately 9:30 a.m, by a vigilant local resident who dialed 911. This led to the dispatch of officers to the location, where the presence of a deceased individual was subsequently confirmed. In the wake of the incident, a dense concentration of law enforcement officials and first responders were notably evident in the vicinity of the marina.

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Later that day, an update from the police service disclosed that the investigation into the chilling occurrence was assumed by the coroner’s office. They reiterated that further disclosures would not be forthcoming from the police service as the coroner’s office is spearheading the inquiry.

This unsettling development follows closely on the heels of two separate violent incidents that plagued the city just the previous Thursday. Both cases continue to be actively pursued by Sault Ste. Marie police.

In one incident, a 25-year-old individual garnered attempted murder charges regarding an assault that occurred in proximity to the waterfront at approximately 1 p.m. on September 7th. The crime scene was located roughly three kilometers west from where the body was retrieved from the river on Wednesday. It was also mentioned that there was no known connection between the assault suspect and the victim.

The other incident, reported later that day at around 5 p.m, was a homicide that took place in an apartment on John Street. Initially deemed suspicious, police later declared the death of 22-year-old Taylor Marshall as a murder. A suspect has been identified in relation to the tragic event, however, their details and information remain under wraps.

As the city reels from these events, the investigations persist, bringing with them the hope of resolution and justice.