Coquitlam Man Sues RCMP for Alleged Home Invasion After Shower Surprise


Emerging freshly showered from his ensuite bathroom, a man from Coquitlam was struck with surprise upon the sight of a uniformed Mountie in his bedroom.

“I come to face a disconcerting stranger standing right in my home, the moment I flung open my bathroom door”, spoke Kirk Forbes. Fear surged upon this unanticipated encounter, subsiding only when the official uniform came into sight.

Forbes told that this unusual incident occurred in June last year.

Forbes contended that the surprising visit by the officer and her partner was related to a traffic violation: passing a stopped school bus in Pemberton some seven months prior. Their explanation was that his front door swung open upon their knock. This, however, Forbes doesn’t believe, gives them the liberty to invade his private living space.

He expressed deep dissatisfaction with the incident, calling it a gross overreach and an alleged abuse of power. “Canadians must be made aware of such intrusions, which are indeed happening. It’s an erosion not only of my rights but of everyone’s”, he explained.

Post the incident, Forbes made attempts to file a complaint at the RCMP’s Coquitlam detachment, but he hints at humiliation, recalling that the receptionist identified him as “the shower guy”. This led him to infer that he had become a subject of ridicule within RCMP circles.

Feeling embarrassed and disturbed, Forbes said, “The fact that my incident has been reduced to locker-room banter at the RCMP hall is concerning. Now, if I cross paths with any RCMP members in the community, do I have to live with being ‘that guy’?”

Initially, he filed what the RCMP suggested would be an informal complaint. An officer took his statement, but despite this, Forbes states there has not been any follow-up from the department. Hence, he lodged a formal complaint with the RCMP’s Civilian Review and Complaints Commission.

Furthering his discontent, Forbes has initiated a lawsuit against the two officers involved, the Attorney General of Canada, and the B.C. Minister of Public Safety. Represented by his lawyer, Sebastien Anderson, Forbes seeks unspecified damages, alleging that the RCMP officers, only referred to as Jane Doe and John Doe, exploited their power by intruding his property without consent.

However, Coquitlam RCMP confirmed they intended to serve Forbes with the ticket by visiting his residence, which they found unsecured at first glance.

The detachment stated, “Upon establishing contact with the resident, he voiced complaints regarding our presence. We believed we addressed those informally. However, the resident proceeded with a formal public complaint which is currently in process.”

Forbes shared his continued anxiety regarding the entire matter, feeling his sense of safety within his own home had been violated. The RCMP, meanwhile, is yet to file a defence statement in the ongoing lawsuit.

Regarding the ticket issued that day, Forbes is disputing it with ongoing legal procedures.


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