COPS are out – Increased presence has been announced


Kirkland, Beaconsfield, Baie D’Urfé, and St. Anne’s better drive carefully

by Rhonda Massad

Spring is here and Police Station 1 of the SPVM (Service de Police de la Ville de Montréal) will be increasing their efforts to keep roads safe, especially in the month of May. This initiative is part of a Montreal wide program called Project Oasis.  The purpose of the project is to incite drivers to share the roads with others in a respectful manner, by sanctioning delinquent and dangerous drivers.

Police will be monitoring specific high risk intersections such as St. Charles-Brunswick and André-Brunet in Kirkland, St. Charles-Autoroute 20 and St Charles-Beaconsfield Blvd in Beaconsfield, Anciens de Combattants-Autoroute 20 and 550 Anciens-Combattants in Sainte Anne De Bellevue and Victoria-Bedford in Baie D’Urfé.

In order to properly cover the seven locations, Station 1 will be calling in assistance from Intervention (West) Section and the Regional Traffic Division.  They will be on the look out for drivers committing violations such as blocking the intersection in traffic, red light violation, not respecting signs, handling an electronic device while driving and of course speeding.   There will also be an increased police presence on bike paths.


  1. Please give more tickets to cyclists, especially those who run red lights or ride at night with no lights. Sidewalk cyclists can pose a danger to pedestrians, last summer I witnessed an old man getting knocked down by a sidewalk cyclist hitting him from behind.

    • Also to mention youngsters on small motorcycles (moped) who are behaving like the cyclists on the main roads; this was mainly noticed on Elm and Beaconsfield blvd, crossing all the stop signs at full speed.

  2. Sorry, forgot to mention, as a Kirkland resident, I’ve already noticed the increased presence and it is greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work!

  3. I know it is under the jurisdiction of another station, but police should also monitor St Charles – Pierrefonds Blvd intersection as well. Drivers heading westbound on Pierrefonds Blvd turning south on St Charles cut the advance green light all the time. There have already been many accidents and many more near misses.


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