Controversial ‘Canadian QAnon Figure’ Sparks Uproar in Peaceful Saskatchewan Village


In the quaint village of Richmound in southwestern Saskatchewan, the tranquility of the community was disrupted by the emergence of a woman professing to be Canada’s queen. Romana Didulo, named a “Canadian QAnon figure” by the U.S.-based Anti-Defamation League, previously ousted from Kamsack, Sask., has established a stronghold in Richmound’s abandoned school.

Didulo, the spearhead of a fringe conspiratorial assembly, made headlines with her calls for “violent action” against those assisting in the administration of COVID-19 vaccines, particularly to children. Her arrival in Kamsack catalyzed a confrontation by approximately 200 locals and First Nations inhabitants who successfully expelled Didulo and her entourage from the town.

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In Richmound however, despite being sheltered on private property, her presence has been met with stiff resistance. Approximately fifty residents mounted a protest on Sunday, circling Didulo’s encampment in their vehicles while an array of deafening horns sounded their dissent.

The local citizenry’s outrage could find no diplomatic solution. A village resident who wished to remain unnamed confided to the press, “We were just told they have to do something illegal before anyone can do anything.”

Despite this, there is some solace as the local RCMP detachment announced that they are closely scrutinizing Didulo’s activities in the area. They clarified though, that neither Didulo nor her group have committed any transgressions thus far.

The concerned resident said she was deeply troubled by Didulo’s inflammatory expressions and the potential consequences of her follower’s actions. She expressed fear not just of the immediate circle ensconced at the closed school, but also the far-reaching influence of Didulo’s words and potential harm by followers from afar.

Richmound, careful and contemplative, is nestled north of Maple Creek near the Alberta border. It’s typically a tranquil and serene landscape now disturbed by the advent of external ideologies. Such times make one yearn for distractions, whether they be a scenic drive around Saskatchewan’s pristine expanses or engaging in simpler, indoor pleasures.

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