Controversial Campaign Flyer by PPC Candidate Sparks Anger among Vancouver Residents


British Columbia’s Assembly of First Nations has asked that one of the candidates, hailing from the People’s Party of Canada, be removed.

This is following an incident where a controversial flyer was dispersed to Vancouver residents. In the flyer, the content creators liken vaccine passports to the residential school system.

To be more specific, the flyer showcases an image of a residential school, typically one from the 1800s. Next to this picture, you’ll see the words “DISCRIMINATION IS WRONG” and “NO VACCINE PASSPORT.”

The picture and texts are displayed on the front. On the back, the flyer exhibits details about Renate Siekmann, the PPC candidate, along with incorrect information regarding COVID-19.

When she was asked to comment on the issue, Siekmann told the press to refer to her twitter feed.

In the tweet, she embraces the fact that the flyer may cause a few people to feel unpleasant. However, she saw it necessary so as to pave way for discussions on the matter. So far, up to 52,000 flyers have been distributed.

Following the series of events, the BCAFN asked the People’s Party of Canada to remove Siekmann as one of the candidates.

Carey Newman, the mastermind behind the Witness Blanket monument, described the campaign content as being disrespectful.

If anything, Newman noted that indigenous people were able to get through the pandemic of 1918, and the smallpox plague, so they fully comprehend the essence of COVID-19 measures.

Jennifer Malcolm, a Vancouver resident, reached out to CTV News the minute she got the pamphlet. In her opinion, the content was not only biased but also offensive.

The distribution of the flyer was taking place while a new wave of sorrow and rage over Canada’s residential school system was emerging.

The revelation of unmarked graves on several former school locations proved the one thing that indigenous communities have suspected all this time. This is the fact that the majority of kids who attended the residential schools never made it back home.

The stretch from Arbutus Street to the University of British Colubma makes up a part of the Vancouver-Quadra constituency. The riding also comprises the Musqueam Indian Band and the stretch from Point Grey to Vancouver International Airport.


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