Contemporary Espresso Bar with a Community Feel in the Pointe Claire Village

by Heather Boyd
I have a soft spot for mother/daughter run businesses! The newly opened Victor Rose Espresso Bar on Cartier is owned by Terry Taylor (mother) and Marie Geller (daughter). They have created a vibrant espresso bar and art viewing space in the heart of Pointe Claire Village. Victor Rose Espresso Bar
The ladies have deep roots in the community. Terry’s late grandfather is the namesake for the cafe. Reverend Victor Rose was the first minister of Cedar Park Church in Pointe Claire. He was also a founding member of the Lakeshore Artists’ Association. A selection of his paintings were featured in the cafe’s inaugural exhibition.
Terry was an active member of the Cabaret des Bons Voisins. The Co-op was a cooperative cafe and community meeting place that was located just around the corner and sadly closed it’s doors in 2014. Victor Rose echoes the values of the Co-op by serving fair trade beverages and local home-baked goods. Photos of the farmers from whom coffee and teas are sourced adorn the wall. Another lovely touch is the rack of community cups that are brought in by customers and reserved for regular use! The interior was built with the help of many neighbourhood friends and acquaintances .  Victor Rose Espresso Bar
Victor Rose does not serve sandwiches or meals, but have become the go-to place for grabbing a morning coffee on the way to work, relaxing with a friend for tea and treats or catching up on your e-mails. They offer WIFI and have a large table where people can set up their laptops and surf the web together! You can alternately sit up at the espresso bar or by the sunny front window.
Each month a local artist is highlighted showcasing a variety of media. The professional hanging system and white walls allow for a gallery aesthetic. November artist Marco David’s bold abstracts and mandala-style acrylics were a feast! Featured artist for the month of December is photographer Pierre Racine.
Victor Rose Espresso Bar
15C Cartier, Pointe Claire
Contributing blogger: Heather Boyd 


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