Conservatives Dominate Summer Polls, Pierre Poilievre’s Leadership Triumphs


Keeping their grip firm on the political landscape, the Conservatives continue to keep the summer lead in the polls as demonstrated by recent data collected by Leger. Culled from an online survey conducted recently among more than 1,600 Canadians, the data reveals the undeterred support Canadian citizens have for the Conservative party.

The numbers reveal that under the leadership of Tory Leader Pierre Poilievre, the Conservative party enjoys the support of 39 per cent of the decided voters. Their support stands a solid 12 points ahead of the Federal Liberals, displaying an unwavering favor among the populace.

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A closer look into the figures indicates a subtle inclination towards the Tories since last month’s polling. Concurrently, the Bloc Quebecois experienced a dip in popularity, descending seven points to draw with the Liberals at 29 per cent among the Quebec electorate.

The polling coincided with an explosive statement by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau implicating potential involvement of the Indian government in the assassination of a Sikh Leader near Vancouver. A matter that potentially influenced sentiments among voters.

The data was refined for factors such as demographics, language, and region. However, the absence of an error margin can be attributed to the nature of online surveys, not being representative of truly random samples.

In the timeframe between September 22nd to 24th, Leger conducted the online polling. This was the period following the Liberal party’s unveiling of fresh housing policies, a move proceeded by a leak of Tory support. Since late May, the Tories have consistently dominated in Leger polling.

Engaging 1,652 Canadians, the new polling crafted a sample. Amongst the eligible voters, an approximate 16 per cent represented the indecisive.

The polling further sought to gauge the choice of Prime Minister among voters. Around 26 per cent of respondents affixed their confidence upon Poilievre, with 20 per cent leaning towards Trudeau, and 14 per cent favoring NDP leader Jagmeet Singh.

The government’s satisfaction rating hasn’t budged much with just one-third of the surveyed expressing satisfaction with Trudeau’s leadership, a figure relatable to last month’s polling. Similarly, there has been a decrease of five points regarding concerns over job loss, meaning about 33 per cent of those polled were worried about losing their jobs.

While focusing on Canadian voters, the survey also engaged 1,000 American citizens. Amassing sentiments around household finances, almost 42 per cent of Americans living paycheck to paycheck displayed a marginal rise in confidence compared to their Canadian counterparts at 46 per cent.

The American response to incumbent U.S. President Joe Biden remains consistently lukewarm with an approval rating of around 52 per cent, mirroring sentiments from a month prior.