Coney Island Split on Casino’s Promised Renaissance


In the heart of Brooklyn’s seaside locale, Coney Island residents are up in arms over the proposed arrival of a commercial casino resort—an idea that has split the community down the middle. This past week, impassioned locals convened at a rally to express their staunch opposition, forming a sea of resistance woven from fears and skepticism. “Coney Islanders Against a Casino,” a homegrown assemblage of denizens, question the promise of revitalization that the casino is touted to bring.

The proposed multibillion-dollar venture, developed jointly by heavyweights including Global Gaming Solutions, Saratoga Casino Holdings, Thor Equities, and Legends Hospitality, envisages a sprawling integrated resort channeling $3 billion into the local economy. Despite the allure of the 4,000 anticipated permanent jobs, robust tax revenue, and rousing infrastructure enhancements, a crescendo of social concerns is thwarting the ambitious blueprint.

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Residents took the opportunity at the rally to voice potent anxieties around the haunting specter of gambling addiction, upticks in crime, and the specter of congested thoroughfares. Some, like Linda Harrison, leader of the Haber Houses public housing community, articulated deep-rooted misgivings about the long-term neglect of their neighborhood, and now the sudden surge of interest with debatable motives.

The project’s proponents, however, paint a different picture. They foresee “The Coney” as a renaissance endeavour, one that would beckon Coney Island back to its summertime zenith, this time with a modern twist. The pledges of lucrative employment and fiscal windfalls, however, come with assurances that the character of Coney Island—as a bastion of family-friendly recreation—will not waiver. Saratoga Casino Holdings’ CEO Sam Gerrity has articulated commitments to community engagement and to assuaging the qualms that have arisen.

In pursuit of local acceptance, the developers have embarked on door-to-door canvassing, notching support across neighboring boards but finding Community Board 13, which speaks for Coney Island itself, unyielding in their opposition. Amid a sparse showing at the opposition rally and modest petition endorsement, Gerrity remains steadfast in his belief in the casino’s power to reignite the economic engines of Coney Island.

As the community debate over the future of Coney Island continues, it’s worth noting that the allure of gaming is not exclusive to brick-and-mortar establishments. The convenience and comfort of indulging in a flutter from home have seen a surge in the popularity of online casinos.

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