Spring has arrived and it’s time to plan your outdoor living space. Gone are the days when we sat in the backyard at a patio table surrounded by grass and nothing else. Today the possibilities are endless. No matter your budget, Steph Tanguay from Concept72 can take your patch of grass and turn it into a slice of heaven. 

“With the unique way we see the outdoor living space of our clients’ homes, we are able to enhance the existing area, or create a completely new vision,” Tanguay explained. “In all our projects it is important to maximize the usage and enjoyment of the outdoor living experience that we create.”Steph Tanguay, Concept72, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, WIB   

“We are always thinking of the feelings our clients will experience when spending time in the spaces we create together. This means integrating specialty items so the home owner can use the space from early spring to late fall and keep warm, cool and sheltered in our unpredictable climate.”

Concept72 can integrate outdoor TVs, sound systems and kitchens into your property’s outdoor experience. Steph loves working architectural lighting into his designs to amplify the beauty of outdoors and keep his clients out at night.  

After 35 years of learning, teaching, maintaining and creating outdoor living along with all standard landscaping projects Steph Tanguay has created Concept72 to design and execute Outdoor Living areas with precision.

Contact: Steph Tanguay at 514-400-7000 or steph@concept72.ca

Steph Tanguay, Concept72, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blog, WIB


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