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If you have been thinking that CompTIA A+ credential is all about computer repair and maintenance, then you got it wrong. This entry-level credential is designed for those, who are going to start their career in IT and get a position in technical support or perform IT operational roles. To gain the CompTIA A+ certification you need to pass two exams, either the updated tests 220-1001 and 220-1002 by code or the previous ones but still current 220-901 and 220-902. They test the professional’s prowess in hardware and software components of electronic devices, as well as check their abilities to solve issues related to networking and operating systems, troubleshooting and security. Therefore, this credential is the hot cake in the market because the certified professionals are known to solve both the hardware and the software problems of a computer. More so, this credential issued by CompTIA is vendor-neutral, which is beneficial for those, who haven’t chosen which track to follow, as in such case you have a wide range of opportunities, as you are not stuck to one company.

Description of CompTIA A+ Certification

CompTIA A+ is commonly preferred for IT operation roles and technical support. However, it contains more than PC repair because the candidates will acquire skills such as:

  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Networking, Operating systems, Mobile Devices, and Security.

Therefore, the CompTIA A+ credential broadens your understanding of computers because it is not confined to PC repair only. Generally, there are 9 skills that you are able to master and validate with the CompTIA A+ credential. They are the following:

  1. Hardware – this involves the identification, usage, and connection of hardware components as well as devices.
  2. Windows Operating System – it covers the installation and support of Windows OS by using the client support and command line.
  3. Software Troubleshooting – you will be equipped with techniques to troubleshoot PC and mobile devices issues which might involve security support.
  4. Networking – understand the types of network topologies such as TCP/IP, OSI, SOHO, and WIFI.
  5. Network Troubleshooting and Hardware – this is concerned with troubleshooting device and network issues that may result in a computer network.
  6. Security – deals with protection devices and their network connections from various security vulnerabilities.
  7. Mobile Devices – involves installation and configuration of laptops as well as other mobile devices.
  8. Other Technologies and Operating Systems – a greater understanding of Mac OS, mobile OS and Linux. You will learn techniques to troubleshoot these technologies.
  9. Operational Procedures – this is the most important skill because it involves learning environmental impacts, best practices for safety, professionalism, and communication.

In order to acquire the above-mentioned skills, it is mandatory to pass two  exams. There are two sets from which you can choose. The updated set, which includes 220-1001 and 220-1002 covers a broad spectrum of updated knowledge and skills. As you prepare to pass them, here are the ultimate 220-1001 and 220-1002 exam details:

  • 90 questions which can be of multiple choice (single and multiple response), performance-based as well as drag and drops.
  • The exam takes a maximum of 90 minutes
  • 220-1001 passing score is 675 while 220-1002 is 700 both on a scale of 100-900.
  • Each exam has a price of $219.

Reasons for CompTIA A+ Credentials

As a budding IT professional, the CompTIA A+ credential is ideal for you because it is offered by the globally renowned institution, CompTIA. Besides, the CompTIA A+ credential is attached to other factors that IT professionals always search for. As a result, I find it prudent to share with you some of the key reasons for the CompTIA A+ credential.

  1. A key to your career

The CompTIA A+ credential implies that you have proficiency in the cutting-edge fundamentals of computer hardware as well as software. You will get an opportunity to learn how to troubleshoot various devices from computers to smartphones. Besides, the CompTIA A+ certification can help you get the first job in IT and set your road to IT success.

  1. Vendor-neutral hardware and software

You can never be limited by starting a career with the CompTIA A+ certification because it does not focus on specific hardware or software development. Therefore, it enables you to build your career no matter which direction you prefer.

  1. Built by IT industry experts

IT experts who are in various fields and professions continuously update the CompTIA A+ credential. Therefore, when you are CompTIA A+ certified, it means that you have profound knowledge and skills that match the ideal expectations of employers in the IT industry.

  1. Opens the door to better pay

IT jobs are ranked to be among the best paying jobs in the world. However, landing into a better paying job depends on so many factors which include certifications. Having the CompTIA A+ certification proves to the employers that you are capable of delivering in their company. Therefore, the CompTIA A+ credential puts you at a state of being hired.

  1. Makes you part of a community

CompTIA A+ certified professionals have formed a very strong community where you can learn various skills that are good for your IT career. You will get a chance to find your peers on social platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. As a result, you will get to share experiences relating to your career.

How PrepAway can help you get certified?

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Job Opportunities

  • Support Specialist
  • Desktop Support Analyst
  • Field Service Technician

The average annual salary for CompTIA A+ certified professionals ranges from $45, 000 to $60, 000 according to CompTIA.

Getting certified is a perfect opportunity to start your career in IT because the CompTIA A+ certification is not restricted to a certain field of specialization. Get started now and download the right preparation tools from PrepAway. The CompTIA A+ credential will surely expose you to the world of IT.


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