Composting – Montreal, late to the party joins, the fight to save the planet


by Rhonda Massad

Borough of Pierrefonds-Roxboro will be joining the rest of the city of Montreal in an effort to reduce the amount of waste headed to landfill.  Many demerged cities are way ahead with the delivery of compost pick ups in an attempt to do right by the environment and conform with upcoming Quebec regulations to reduce dramatically output when comes to waste management.

As previously reported by The West Island Blog, Kirkland, Dorval, St. Anne de Bellevue, Senneville, Baie D’Urfé have all been putting the little brown compost bin to the curb for years. Beaconsfield, recently increased their garden waste pick up and now encourages their residents to compost at home as they transition to a pay as you throw program that will not take compost materials to an industrial compost site and will charge residents per pick up for their garbage. Those that choose not to compost in Beaconsfield will be forced to put their compostables in the regular garbage bin that inevitably ends up in landfill sites. 

Brown bins or industrial compost bins can compost materials that home composters cannot such as table scraps, fruits and vegetables, egg shells, meat, including fat and bone, bread and cereal products, pastries and other desserts, solid dairy products such as cheese, butter and yogurt, coffee and tea grinds, Paper products like paper towels, napkins, food packaging and cartons.

According to the David Suzuki web site home composting should not include the composting of oils and fats, bread products, rice and pasta, sauces, dairy products, nuts, fish and meat, or bones. These will cause odour problems and attract pests.

Pierrefonds-Roxboro will be among the boroughs that will have garbage pickups reduced as compost pick ups increase.  There will be one pick up per week of compostable waste much like Pointe Claire who has reduced their garbage pick up to once per week.   A petition was started earlier this summer by residents with families and pets who are experiencing an increase in maggots and flies. 

Pierrefonds-Roxboro currently picks up green garden waste close to 18 times from May through to October. Like most West Island cities green waste is picked up in reusable containers. Some cities accept compostable plastic bags some do not.


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