How to completely supercharge back to school with Teen Talk™


Summer is in the air, and there’s no shortage of day camps to choose from for our kids. But what if you want something other than the standard athletics or arts camps? That’s where Teen Talk comes in. This unique program is offering 2 special day camps this summer: the Teen Talk Speaking & Writing Empowerment Camp, and Teen Talk Speaking and Empowerment Camp for Girls.

Tailored to youths aged 12-17, both camps run in August in Pointe-Claire, and aim to help teens master sel f-confidence and self-expression. For Nathalie Mailhot (LINK TO ), public speaking coach and founder of the Teen Talk concept, Nathalie Mailhot, Alexa Nazzaro, Speaking and Writing Empowerment Camp, Rhonda Massad, West Island Blogcommunication skills can make all the difference in a young person’s future success and personal happiness: “If your son or daughter can express themselves with confidence and feel good about themselves, it gives them a huge leg up. We’ve purposely scheduled these camps just before the new school year, so that the kids get a head start academically and personally. Both parents and teens will see a real difference.”

Running from August 15-19, and facilitated by Nathalie and author Alexa Nazzaro (LINK TO ), the Teen Talk Speaking and Writing Empowerment Camp is aimed at both boys and girls, and will cover the essentials of public speaking and writing techniques. Whether it’s with their voices or pens, teens will learn the fundamentals of expressing themselves with confidence, all in a supportive peer environment.

The key, says Alexa, is to make the experience fun and inspiring: “Good writing is about so much more than English essays. I want this camp to give teens the tools to write properly, but, more importantly, powerfully. That is what will take them far.”

Running from August 22-26, the Teen Talk Speaking and Empowerment Camp for Girls will cover public speaking and desire-mapping, to help girls discover who they are and to celebrate their unique voices. Co-facilitator Genevieve Richer (LINK TO ), a professional desire-map coach, is excited to introduce this unique technique to girls: “Desire mapping is all about tapping into the real you and elevating your everyday experiences to something awesome. Our daughters need this now more than ever.”

The camps run Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 4:00 p.m., and both will close with a special showcase for families and friends. As an extra bonus, each participant will get a one-on-one complimentary follow-up session with the facilitators.

Early bird registration for each camp is $249 (deadline June 24, 2016). Click here (LINK TO ) for more information and to sign up.

Or call: (514) 242-1344.


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