Community Pools Resources for Displaced Tenants After Devastating New Brunswick Fire


In response to a devastating fire that consumed an apartment building and displaced its tenants, community organizations throughout New Brunswick have pooled resources to provide much-needed support. Over 100 people were forced to evacuate from the apartments in Fredericton when the flames broke out last week.

The Canadian Red Cross has been at the forefront of providing immediate relief. Around 20 tenants from 11 different apartments have been beneficiaries of emergency hotel accommodations, daily meals and financial aid, thanks to the tireless work of volunteers. Most tenants have managed to find temporary refuge in the homes of friends and family or in hotel rooms booked independently or through their insurance policies.

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In addition, the Salvation Army has stepped in to give a helping hand. The organization is distributing food and clothing vouchers redeemable at its Main Street Thrift Store, significant gestures of kindness that are sure to ease the burden on these tenants in their time of need.

Joining the effort is the Christ Central Church, which is welcoming contributions of clothing and footwear. Simultaneously, the local Jean Coutu pharmacy has made it possible for the public to funnel financial donations their way.

The cruel fire broke out last Thursday in the north end of Fredericton on Clark Street, ravaging the four-storey building. Thankfully, despite the extensive damage to the building, no casualties have been reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the New Brunswick Fire Marshal’s office, and the affected tenants have been withheld from entering the building and retrieving personal belongings.

It’s times like these that communities truly pull together, proving that even the most disastrous situations can bring out the best in the human spirit.

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