Community Mourns Loss of Beloved RCMP Officer, Const. Rick O’Brien, Recalls Story of Gratitude at Summit


In the midst of 2020’s trying times, Jeannette Martin, in partnership with a colleague, organised an online Gratitude and Appreciation Summit. Among the distinguished speakers was one particularly noteworthy figure, Const. Rick O’Brien of Ridge Meadows RCMP. Martin had formed a close bond with O’Brien through his wife, Nicole Longacre-O’Brien, a prominent Langley businesswoman.

The O’Briens, who exchanged vows in October 2018, were a pillar of the community, passionately involved in numerous occasions, and radiated a warmth that extended beyond their familial bonds. Each bringing three children from previous relationships into their union, they drew a beautiful portrait of love, blossoming anew, maybe for the second, third, or even fourth time.

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During the summit, Const. O’Brien painted an engaging picture of his life journey, culminating into a 10-minute speech. His passion for law enforcement had kindled in his teenage years, leading him to join the RCMP in his mid-40s. He attributed his successful transition into his dream career to his wife’s unwavering support throughout the challenging training phase. His family was his source of gratitude each day.

The summit provided a platform for O’Brien to recount the hurdles he faced in attaining his dream career late in life. Martin, having been privy to these struggles, described O’Brien as incredibly humble and vulnerable during his talk.

The close-knit community was staggered over the grim news of O’Brien’s untimely demise whilst on duty in Coquitlam, an event that left Martin in a state of disbelief.

On the following Monday, a river of support flooded the Ridge Meadows RCMP detachment with fellow officers bringing flowers and signing a condolence book for the bereaved Nicole and her children. Even amidst her anguish, Nicole took the time to reach out to the loving community that supported them, signifying her commitment to give back to those that had offered words of comfort.

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