Community Hero Dies Saving Friend from Snakebite at School Centennial Celebration


In an act of grim nobility, Donny Morrison, a man revered within his community, succumbed to a fatal snake bite. Stricken as he engaged in a selfless effort to save a friend, his family has come forward to commend his valor following their tragic loss.

The unfortunate event occurred on a Saturday night at Koumala State School, located south of Mackay in central Queensland. Morrison, a noble soul, was attempting to disentangle a venomous snake enraptured upon his friend’s ankle. The 69-year-old was in the midst of celebrating the school’s century-long legacy and had rejoiced in the reunion with several old accomplices.

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His heroic standoff with the deadly creature unfolded in front of watchful eyes of his family and numerous flabbergasted onlookers, all of whom had convened for the school’s centennial anniversary. Unfortunately, his brave act spiraled into a desperate, half-hour rescue operation performed by bystanders and paramedics, all striving to revive him on the spot.

Notwithstanding such immediate collective response, the resilient man slipped into a cardiac arrest only to remain unresponsive. He passed away on scene in spite of the profound efforts exerted to save him. Acting Deputy Commissioner for Operations South of Queensland Ambulance Service, Claire Bertenshaw noted that Morrison ,’tragically,’ died en route to receiving the crucial antivenom.

The man’s family collectively mourned their loss, hailing Morrison as a ‘well-liked member of the Koumala community’ whose abrupt absence would strain many hearts. They expressed profound gratitude towards those who gallantly attempted, although in vain, to revive Morrison. Conveying their condolence through a statement, the grief-stricken family encouraged those directly involved in the distressing sequence of events to reach out if needed.

While the incident undoubtedly cast a somber pall over the celebratory event causing it to cease prematurely, the family also shared Morrison’s joyous evening before the dreadful encounter. They recounted how he ‘especially’ relished the occasion, delighted to reconnect with a fraternity of old friends.

Bertenshaw suggested that the venomous culprit was ‘most likely’ a brown snake, surmised from Morrison’s symptoms, though the exact species remained undetermined. Meanwhile, the friend Morrison attempted to save also suffered a bite but is reportedly ‘doing well’ within the care of Mackay Hospital. The community will inevitably mourn the loss of their hero, whose final act asserted his inherent nobility.