Columbus Police Chief Condemns Officers for Threatening Child Pornography Charges Against 11-Year-Old-Girl


Columbus, Ohio’s police chief, Elaine Bryant, has publically criticized a disturbing incident wherein two officers supposedly informed a father that his 11-year-old daughter could potentially face child pornography charges for sending explicit content to a man online.

Chief Bryant conveyed her disbelief and dissatisfaction about the troubling event, which was recorded via a doorbell camera, affirming her immediate outreach to the girl’s father to apologize. She further assured him of a thorough investigation into both the officer’s behavior and any possible crimes committed against his child.

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Bryant further emphasized that the city’s law enforcement should embody compassion, decency, and dignity while handling crime victims. In her eyes, the video captured an unfortunate exception to this standard, prompting a referral to the Inspector General.

Early on September 14, two Columbus officers, a man and a woman, attended Billy Blocka’s residence following his report that a male online individual might have manipulated his daughter into sending him explicit photographs. As Mr. Blocka conversed with the officers, he expressed his desire for them to talk to his daughter and to help her realize the severity of the situation.

In response, the female officer indicated that the child could face charges for child pornography. Despite the father’s repeated assertion about his daughter’s age, the officer persevered in her stance, stating that the girl’s age would be seen as irrelevant since she was creating the explicit content.

The bewildered father dismissed the law enforcement officers, closing the door after thanking them for their time and expressing his disbelief in their allegation. Subsequently, he shared the shocking footage on Facebook on September 15.

Describing the incident as his first police call, Blocka reported discovering concerning images and messages on his daughter’s phone that fueled his suspicion of her being manipulated. He believed communication with the man commenced on Instagram and later moved to Snapchat.

Expressing concern about his daughter’s comprehension of the situation, Blocka voiced his earnest wish to protect her from further harm or exposure. He further stated the man at the center of the issue continues attempting to contact his daughter.

The Columbus Police Special Victims Bureau is expected to meet the girl and analyze her phone’s contents soon, according to Blocka.

Meanwhile, Columbus Police confirmed Monday about the Inspector General’s Department initiating an investigation into the incident involving the officers. They iterated their serious approach to allegations of sexual misconduct, particularly where minors are involved.

Jacqueline Hendricks, the Columbus Inspector General, confirmed the receipt of multiple citizen complaints about the circulating video, assuring due seriousness given to each filed complaint.

Chief Bryant also affirmed her commitment to maintaining accountability, asserting that such incidents are not reflective of the Columbus Police Department. She underlined her support for officers who perform their duties right and her readiness to hold accountable those falling short of expected standards.