Colossal Landslide Shifts Roads, Sparks Massive Cleanup Operation in Gisborne


Newly released imagery reveals the extensive damages incurred on Tiniroto Road in Gisborne following a colossal landslide overnight. An incredible 100m stretch of the road has shifted sideways into an adjoining field, taking approximately 25,000 cubic meters of rubble along with it.

The ghastly footage from the incident last night has evoked shock and dismay amongst the local populace, who have grown all too accustomed to roads being obliterated in the wake of this year’s inordinately turbulent weather conditions.

The Gisborne District Council, in a statement made earlier today, shared that they’ve begun orchestrating the substantial clean-up efforts required to reconnect the road. It is anticipated that a provisional track would be constructed by the close of the week that would reinstate residents’ access to Rockhill Road and Parikanapa Road.

The council has pinpointed the epicenter of the landslide to be situated 20 kilometers from the SH2 roundabout – an uncanny coincidence as this precise location was the site of a landslide triggered by Cyclone Bola; giving birth to what is now referred to as Lake French.

Despite power poles and wires suffering damages, the council reassured that there are no power outages in the areas surrounding the landslide. The repair of power infrastructure is being prioritized, with the focus next shifting to the felling of trees on the slope, alongside those posing a risk of falling – an operation predicted to span over two to three days.

In an update to the public, the council confirmed that their personnel continue to monitor the landslide-induced dam that has been formed. Dialogues are also being initiated with landowners directly affected by the landslide.

The council empathizes with the burden the detour via Wairoa puts on locals but assures everyone that efforts to reestablish the Gisborne connection are underway. The council concluded on an empathetic note, assuring residents that “the sooner we can reconnect everyone back to Gisborne again, the better.”


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