Colin Farrell Tackles Deception and Gambling in New Netflix Film


Acclaimed Irish actor Colin Farrell is set to accentuate the screen with his commanding presence in an up-and-coming Netflix film, “The Ballad of a Small Player.” This cinematic opus is based on the distinguished literary work of British writer Lawrence Osborne. The intricately woven narrative trail escorts viewers through the debaucherous escapades of an English conman ambling through the murkier gambling dens of Macau.

In this idiosyncratic tale, Farrell steps into the well-polished shoes of Gerard Woodward, a suave deceiver with a knack for high-stakes plays. Driven by the gnawing claws of the law, he seeks refuge in Macau, donning the fabricated persona of a noble blue-blood, “Lord Doyle”. The truth remains that he is merely the offspring of a humble vacuum cleaner merchant hailing from a less than reputable corner of South London.

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Macau greets Woodward with the allure of baccarat tables and the tantalizing risk of bankruptcy. His victory and loss are concepts he treats with the same diffidence. Having accumulated his wealth through fraudulent means, specifically swindling affluent elderly women, Woodward readily converts his guilt into a flurry of casino chips.

Osborne’s novel brims with the richness of Chinese gambling superstitions, a seemingly absurd notion to the protagonist until he, too, falls under its enchanting sway. Navigating through a luminously hued underworld, he traipses intoxicated across the plush, dim-lit casino floors that convey a distinct, sweet yet rancid tang.

Driven by a detached acceptance of his impending downfall, the story takes an unexpected turn as he crosses paths with Dao-Ming, the prestigious courtesan. This rendezvous provides him with a shimmering thread of redemption, climaxing in a capriciously supernatural twist.

Since being latched onto by audiences in 2014, “The Ballad of a Small Player” had quicksilver film rights, whirling in the limbo of development for nearly a decade. The silver screen rendition is finally set to commence shooting this upcoming summer.

Director and illustrious screenwriter Rowan Joffe will morph the intricate novel into a riveting screenplay, with production under the UK’s Good Chaos and Berger’s own Nine Hours. Teased plot elements remain enshrouded in secrecy, yet the official teaser entices viewers with “an imaginative tale of two strangers and the unbelievable journey that connects them.”

Hot off the heels of his Oscar-nominated performance in “The Banshees of Inisherin,” Farrell is slated for a starring role in the forthcoming Batman spin-off “The Penguin for Max,” scheduled for debut in the fall season. With such an impressive lineup, the Irish actor continues to consolidate his position in the global cinema industry.