Coinberry Authorized to Trade Crypto Assets in all Provinces and Territories of Canada


Coinberry, one of the Canadian leading crypto-asset trading platforms, has successfully been registered as the first pure-play crypto trading platform. Coinberry will now be able to offer Canadians crypto-based products and services on a platform that is regulated.

In a statement, Coinberry CEO Andrei Poliakov noted that Coinberry now allows Canadian for the first time to acquire crypto assets in a safe, regulated, and trustworthy platform. Coinberry is now different from other platforms in the market that are not registered.

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Coinberry has also been granted full authority to trade in all provinces and territories in Canada. Poliakov further noted that Coinberry would be on the frontline to ensure that the Canadian crypto market continues to mature and flourish.

“We believe that as the Canadian crypto market continues to mature, we plan to work even closer with regulators, such that they continue to protect investors while allowing innovation to flourish.”

For sure, Coinberry regulatory registration signifies a milestone in the Canadian crypto market. It also indicates that the market is advancing towards maturation in terms of government oversight. Coinberry’s trading platform acts fairly and transparently in offering Canadian exceptional protection, security, and innovative products and services in the crypto asset space.